Katamari Damacy physical edition only at gamestop in USA?

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so katamari came out already and...best buy doesnt have it, target doesnt have it, walmart doesnt have it.

So i thought it was a gamestop exclusive. but it doesnt say exclusive on the case. gearclub unlimited said "gamestop exclusive" on the case .I usually buy my games at best buy because i have a credit card there.

guess ill have to wait till jan to buy it from gamestop then.


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Weird. I would have thought it would be in Best Buy too. I asked for it for XMas - if I don't get it I'll probably buy it in the new year too. I have it as a PS Classic on my PS3, so it's a bit redundant, but it looks and sounds great on the Switch based on the demo, so I can't really resist