Just got a Wii finally

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Finally found one without actually searching for once, funny how that is sometimes, anyways just wondering from you guys, what are some good multiplayer games that the kids could get into as well as an adult.
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Rayman and Pick up Sonic this month it will have lots of multiplayer options.
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Prob Mario Party 8 when it comes out March 5. maybe rent Monkeyball and see how you enjoy it.
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#5 Posted by CLeRKSfan4life (2606 posts) -

Wii Play. It's easy and fun too.

Warioware. I haven't played it but it looks good and I heard it has a good multiplayer.

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enjoy... Super monkey ball is alright as well. Some of the games are frustrating
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As much as I dont like it Wario Ware is a good choice.

Wii Play, Super Monkey Ball, Rayman & don't forget good ol' Wii Sports is still one of my personal favourites !!

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#8 Posted by cannabinemsi (26 posts) -
wario ware can be really amusing when played in multiplayer mode. wii play can be nice too, but i wouldn't expect too much of it - just a controllerdemo for the most part. anyway, it can be well worth the 10$ additional charge for the wiimote.

but minigames-wise i think you'd be best off with either wario, or rayman. moneybags take both :)

PS: congratz on getting that wii!
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I'm getting one just as soon as my tax refund comes in and I can find one...who knew the IRS would be the ones to support my habit?
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Elbits,Mario Party 8,SuperMonkeyBallBannanaBlitz,Wario Ware!!!