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when i don't know

got this screenshot from a video on youtube uploaded yesterday...wish i had the video that actually showed the 3ds miiverse...but here is a screenshot of the beginning of the video.




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Better be coming soon. Would be a damn shame if Nintendo gave Smartphone's tablet's and computer's Miiverse before their own 3DS!

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It would be nice, Ive heard some good things about it on WiiU.

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I would love Miiverse for 3DS and see what I'm missing (don't quite have a Wii U yet). Thanks.
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Can't wait for this. On the WiiU there arent that many people that actively post. 
I also think that they should take away the 200 word character count so that people can actually have proper conversations on it, instead of the spam of drawings.  

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That look's interesting, something to look forward to.