Is the SNES Classic Edition worth it?

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I have the NES Classic Edition, and I love it mostly for the original games, like Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Galaga, Pac-Man, etc. It's nice knowing you own the first games in these series's. That is the main thing that attracted me to the NES Classic Edition.

The SNES Classic seems to be full of sequels. There's no Castlevania 3. Don't get me wrong, these SNES games could be very good. Are they worth buying a SNES Classic for?

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@qx0d: I feel its definitely worth it. Plus if you look up videos online you can figure out how to add some more games to the system like the NES classic. I have the NES classic along with all the NES USA games on it plus a few non-USA released games. You can't do the same with the SNES classic due to space restrictions but you can do about 200-250 I think. Hope this helps.

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I loaded mine up with roms, but honestly you can get roms anywhere. So it's only really worth it if you're nostalgic for the system. I grew up with SNES and NES and I love almost all the games in the collection, so that made it worth it for me.

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We always remember our first (Nintendo console) but the SNES was, is and always will be superb and IMO it is leaps and bounds better than the original. As of yet I am not willing to drop the hammer and purchase the NES and it is every where.

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My kids have played it more than me. Good fun for sure.

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The Snes classic is worth it. Even though there are only 21 games. But having the first official release of Star Fox 2 makes the purchase justified.

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Yeah it’s worth it. Emulation runs smoother seeing as it’s official too.

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It's definitely worth it 21 classics and emulation is fairly easy.

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Unless you plan on hacking it and installing more games on it then no, I don't think it's worth it. I got mine and added an additional 90+ titles Nintendo totally left out. It went from a 7/10 purchase to a 10/10. Thanks to the awesome, official FX chip in the SNES, games like DOOM and StarFox run much better on the SNES Mini than on any other emulator!

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Personally, I think it'd be worth it, expectantly considering how much these games would cost if you where to try and buy the official carts.

As for me though, I'm planning to buy an actual SNES console in the near future, in addition to the WII U and Xbox one (The one released from around 2013-2014, not the S or X version.) Reason being is because I came close to deciding to buy a Switch in the next few years if they continued making good games for it but ultimately decided I'd rather have those three consoles than the switch.

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I bought the NES classic and my girlfriend who I couldn't get into games loves it. She has almost finished Kid Icarus.. Might need to get her the SNES classic to go with it

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@qx0d: he has almost finished Kid Icarus.. play online free cupcake 2048 Might need to get her the SNES classic to go with it