Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

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Nintendo Switch seems so awesome. It is a Nintendo system, and can be played on TV or handheld. It uses cartridges. You can play Mario and Zelda.

I don't have an Xbox One, PS4 or Switch. But the Switch stands out to me. It just seems like such a cool system. And I read that with Nintendo Switch Online, you can play classic Nintendo games, like NES games. That definitely makes the Switch more attractive. The ability to play classic old games always makes a system better. It gives you more to play as well.

Is the Switch worth it? $299 really isn't that much money. Would you recommend it? Is it something you play regularly?

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It all comes down to portability and if you enjoy Nintendo games. The triple AAA games are not always coming to the system due to hardware limitations. There are rumours of snes games coming to the switch at some point.

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If you are happy with primarily Nintendo games and can swallow the rip off price for old tech, sure. Don't have high hopes for AAA multiplatform games, and accept zero chance when the PS5 lands.

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If I owned a Switch, I’d only own Mario Odyssey so for my needs, a Switch wouldn’t be worth it.

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I do not think the Switch is worth it unless you do not have any other consoles. I own one and my kiddos play it, but the only game that was good IMO was Mario Odyssey. I have Mario Odyssey, Mario Bros. Deluxe, Zelda (completely overrated in my mind and a very worse version of Skyrim), Mario Party, Splatoon 2, and maybe one or two more. The only one that I put time into was Odyssey. Better experiences elsewhere.

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lol 2 of the replies were from playstation fans, 1 from an xbox fan and 1 from a PC guy?

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If one needs to ask if anything it worth it, no, it isn't for you. You don't need other people to tell you if you should get it or not....if you really want it.

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@KBFloYd said:

lol 2 of the replies were from playstation fans, 1 from an xbox fan and 1 from a PC guy?

Lol, yep.

@Solaryellow said:

If one needs to ask if anything it worth it, no, it isn't for you. You don't need other people to tell you if you should get it or not....if you really want it.


I love my Switch... I've been playing it more than my XB1X lately. And that's saying something!

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I own all the consoles plus a PC and I love playing on the Switch. There’s some really great exclusives plus I’m tempted to double dip on some multiplat games for the portability. It feels really good playing in handheld mode.

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@Ross_the_Boss6 said:

I own all the consoles plus a PC and I love playing on the Switch. There’s some really great exclusives plus I’m tempted to double dip on some multiplat games for the portability. It feels really good playing in handheld mode.

I've been playing a fair bit in TV-mode recently, and that's pretty good too. I was playing Bayonetta 2, and it looks and feels good.

But yeah, I mainly play in handheld mode (I have the Satisfye grip, which is awesome).

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You may want to avoid any reference or comparing to non-Nintendo systems on this forum as that is more appropriate for the System Wars forum. These things often fall into nasty things often associate with that forum.

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It's a great system. One of the strengths that seems to be swept under the rug by a lot of "system warriors" is that not only is it a great Nintendo device (i.e., has the big Nintendo hits) but it is also taking on a lot of indie ports and even AAA games associated with PC. So - for example - if you're a Pillars of Eternity or Wasteland fan, or perhaps you gotta play Civilization constantly, the Switch has your back. For me, this really solidifies its place as a perfect companion to my computer. I can play stuff that isn't on my PC, plus I can play a growing library of PC-centric games that I like as well in bed or on the go without a laptop.

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Yes, because

1. Smash Bros Ultimate

2. Great amount of first and third party games

3. Smash Bros Ultimate

4. It's portable if you're into that

5. Did I mention SMASH BROS ULTIMATE!!!!!

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Without a doubt.

A lot of the time I end up selling off the Nintendo consoles I've bought in the past. (Apart from the 3DS/DS systems.) But the Switch is worth the investment.

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If your into portable gaming then it's a given. I'm not into it personally so can't justify the £300.

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Personally its worth it if you have extra money to spare....

if you not a heavy gamer it can be worth it because even tho it only has a few classic and you wont play as much you might not get bored so quickly

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I hardly use the switch. I played Zelda which was awesome but I haven't used it for anything else besides NES classics. It's great for when mates come over though and we all play Mario kart

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Yes, it is a great console.

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It had been a very long while since a console made me want to spend money on it. The last one I paid for myself was PS2. Switch grabbed me right away, especially because it's both a console and a handheld. My husband and I can sit in bed at night and play multiplayer games without running the TV or messing with wiring. I absolutely love how co-op friendly it is too, so many games offer up to 4 player multiplayer with one copy of a game, and one Switch, so long as you have an extra pair of joycons. I'm incredibly glad that it's going to be their focus for years to come and that they plan to support it for so long!

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I definitely would say so. I feel like Smash Ultimate, Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are must plays, but the console has a lot of other really fun games too. I usually play with it docked, so I'd prefer to get most big multiplats on PS4, but it's still a really well designed system with a lot to offer. And while I don't use it much, the portability is really cool.

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It's definitely worth it to me. There is some fantastic stuff on there. You have your Nintendo staples, but then you have a crapton of indie games and some surprising 3rd party titles. If you think the library right now can justify your purchase, then go ahead.

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The main draw is Nintendo's first-party offerings, but the Switch is also nice for some really odd Japanese exclusives, and ports of games from the last decade with portability (pun intended) and sometimes some extra content.

Some things about the system are hit and miss, but there's shaping up to being a lot of games worth playing on it. For me, personally, I can see a lot of offerings on the Switch that cater to my gaming tastes. I can see where a lot of gamers just wouldn't find it appealing. But, Nintendo has definitely been improving their relationships with many third-party devs, so they're likely to want to support the system with something.

I think there are good exclusives on all three systems. But I always tend to come back to Nintendo. You have to ask yourself which company is producing the kinds of games that interest you the most.

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I finally bought a Nintendo Switch on Friday Feb 7th 2019. Way late to the Nintendo Switch party as it launched March 2017. I have Xbox one/Xbox one S and PlayStation 4/PlayStation 4 Pro. The switch seemed over-priced $400.00 and underpowered at Launch. With only 1 game worthwhile at Launch. Plus I bought the Nintendo Wii U at Launch and that system ended up failing on the marketplace with only 13.9 million sold.

So I waited to see if the Nintendo Switch would be worth it. It took Super Smash Bros ultimate to finally convince me to take the plunge. I got the Nintendo Switch for $379.99 with Legend of Zelda breath of the wild, Super smash bros ultimate and Penguin Wars and the on-line service.

Nintendo has turned things around and the Switch is doing well. Yes it is worth it Since There are enough games that warrant a purchase. Super Mario oddessey, Octopath traveller, and Diablo 3 (even though I have it on PS4) I consider the Nintendo Switch a portable system. Even if it can be used as a home console.

So it is worth the money. There are enough games now that I will buy SNK 40th anniversary collection and the new Wonderboy the dragons trap are additional games that will make it into my collection. I wouldn't have the Switch as my only console Since I bought PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.

The Switch is finally worth the price. Nintendo Switch has passed both Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo GameCube in sales. I took Caution and waited to see if The Switch would be worth it and it is.

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Cool nintendo games + awesome Japanese games (there's a lot of *** games and JRPGs being ported over 2 the switch!) AAA third party games on the go... I think its completely worth it!