Is Hyrule Warriors worth playing?

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Poll: Is Hyrule Warriors worth playing? (28 votes)

Yes 21%
No 14%
I don't know 50%
I don't care 14%

Now I might be late to this party, but there is a new Zelda spin-off game called Hyrule Warriors. It is going to have the same gameplay mechanics as the Dynasty Warriors games, which has sparked some controversy, seeing as the franchise isn't to most players likings, like the critics for example. All I am asking is if you think this game will be worth playing or not.

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It'll hurt the franchise just like it has the other franchises that have been a part of this

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I don't think this question can be answered right now... We only saw a 2 minute clip, we barely know anything about the game,

Me personally, I think the idea is LAME and I'm a big Zelda fan. It's basically a cash grab for Nintendo. You could put any hero in this type of game so they threw Link in there to move copies. Nothing wrong with making money but to me, the game did not impress me.

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We barely have anything on it. We saw a few minutes of an early build and that's about it. No hands-on impressions, no demo kiosks, no information on the control layout, etc, etc. I personally like the idea and it could be good. Whether the final execution produces anything worthwhile, we'll see.

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We know next to nithing about the game, aside from the fact that it's a hack n slash set in Hyrule. there could be a lot more to the game than that.

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How can we answer this question? We don't even know if the game's graphics are going to be the same when it comes out, as they have said that it still a work in progress. Even the name is going to change.

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im ecstatic they finally made a zelda spin off.... looks awesome... i always wanted to play dynasty warriors but felt the characters were boring....well..this zelda game is perfect for me.

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Its got a long way to go to gain my interest. The main thing I saw that needs attention is the AI's intelligence.I just hope it has some sort of story behind it other than hack'n slash...

It looks like it could make an excellent online multiplayer game though. Perhaps turn it into a four swords spin-off?...

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If its just a reskin of Dynasty Warrior game with Zelda characters it will be just an average game. There might be more to don't know at this point.

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I'm going to get it, but I really don't think it will score higher than a 4 or 5 here. The game looks like mindless entertainment and nothing more than a fan service, really.

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@Jaysonguy said:


It'll hurt the franchise just like it has the other franchises that have been a part of this

I don't see how it could "hurt" anything, I doubt anyone who looks at it will think it's a new traditional Zelda and not a spin off.

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@Chozofication said:


@Jaysonguy said:


It'll hurt the franchise just like it has the other franchises that have been a part of this

I don't see how it could "hurt" anything, I doubt anyone who looks at it will think it's a new traditional Zelda and not a spin off.

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All we have see is early Alpha footage, how can we possibly know if it'll be worth playing.

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I don't know what to think about this one. Zelda is known for it's good somewhat strategic combat and it kind of clashes with dw mindless hack n slash gameplay.

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Probably a game I will skip. It just screams lame to me. I'm not even that big of a Zelda fan, so it definitely doesn't appeal to me.

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I don't know, haven't played it. But I'll get it when it comes out.

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I'm not interested in Dynasty Warriors, and if I were, I wouldn't be sure I'd want Link to be in it. As for your question, that's obviously impossible to answer, as the game isn't out yet.

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It might be worth a go. It won't be a traditional Legend of Zelda game. So if this Spin off/Cross over works out than it might be worthwhile. This is not going to be a system seller. I wish Nintendo would just focus on a new HD legend of Zelda game. Thus far there is only a re-release of the Gamecube game. Legend of Zelda windwaker. Now we have a link in a non legend of Zelda game.

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@Jaysonguy said:


It'll hurt the franchise just like it has the other franchises that have been a part of this

this is probably true, unless they do something really good with it. but i doubt that.

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What I don't see working is how in Dynasty Warriors and other spin-offs you got lots of characters, each with their own story, weapons, battlefields, objectives, allegiances. And many of these characters you can play are bosses or lesser bosses depending on which story you're playing. There's lots to do in such a game.

Then you got Hyrule Warrior, with only one hero, "Dildo" if I have a say in his naming... just not gonna be the same. I really don't see any other characters in the Zelda universe working here really... well, maybe a couple but not enough to hold a candle to a Dynasty Warriors game.

But it's a work in progress, not even the name is final, there's lots of room for improvement. On reflection they might have done better doing a Dynasty Warriors title with like all the Nintendo franchise characters, and maybe pull in some non-Nintendo franchise characters like Nintendo does for Super Smash Bros.

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#20 Posted by lebanese_boy (14791 posts) -

I love how people are predicting a lot here but the reality is we don't know. We haven't seen much of the game apart from the first and only trailer, give it at least the chance to materialize and launch...

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From what I have seen and experienced from Dynasty Warriors in general, I would have to say no. The lack of improvement after so many games is not a great sign.

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If Midna is a playable character, then yes, otherwise, maybe.

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@roboccs: You do have a point. It could go either way

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Honestly, thinking back on the trailer, I think Fire Emblem (Yeah I know its an entirely different genre) would have been a better idea for a Dynasty Warriors spin off considering the number of characters in those games. It probably would work out better thinking back on the skill and weapons that could be usable in the game..

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@tocool340: You're right! There are a lot of characters in the Fire Emblem series that can be playable, but they could make characters like Zelda playable in the game as well.