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Awesome news! BBC iPlayer will be available as the BBC channel on Wii soon. This means Top Gear and Apprentice on demand in your living room. Could the Wii get any better???

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This is awesome can't wait to see how it looks on full screen, on a PC it is not to bad at all.
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OMG, the wii has reached this level of popularity that the BBC has to be on it!!! Congrats Nintendo, you are getting very respectable companies on board.
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so far it's only available in UK... hopefully they make it worldwide!

i've seen some articles online about ISPs complaining about their servers needing upgrades because of iPlayer... i say it's about time to upgrade anyway if they're having trouble with streaming content!

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dont hold your breath!! i went on tonite and to watch a 30 minutes programme will probably take bout an hour due to all the buffering!! hopefully this is something that can be resolved
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Anymore news on this topic? it seems to have been announced and killed within the same month? I thought the Internet Channel is still waiting for a Flash upgrade to be able to use IPlayer, etc?