Inazuma Eleven Coming to NA in 2014

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The Japanese role-playing sports game Inazuma Eleven is coming to North America in quarter 1 of 2014, according to's release calendar.

Inazuma Eleven is split into two parts: the first features RPG elements such as exploring, conversing and engaging in short battles; the second tasks players with winning the actual soccer match, using the stylus to control the individual characters.

Two sequels have released for Inazuma Eleven since its 2008 release in Japan: Firestorm/Blizzard and Sekai e no Chousen. Although both released on the DS, they are also now available for the 3DS.

Inazuma Eleven releases in North America early 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Nintendo of America is really slacking when it comes to JRPG localization. Inazuma Eleven games have been in Europe for years. The third one was recently released.

The first two were on the DS and the third one is on the 3DS. Are we only getting the first two games or are we getting all three? The release calendar will not open.

I'd try them out if I find them at a cheap price. A RPG soccer game seems... unique.

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It doesn't say what title it is yet.