In regards to the Circle Pad pro XL...

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I've looked around and I can't seem to find any information in regards to it being released outside of Japan, unless if I missed it.

I'm wondering if I were to import one of these would it work on my European 3DS XL? I'm wanting to make sure because of how Nintendo is kinda strict with region restrictions and such.

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There is no release date on when it might become available outside of Japan. At least, not that I know of. I live in the states and ordered my CPP XL from Japan via With shipping it ended up costing me around $30 US and it was delivered to me within. 2 weeks of ordering it. It works great with my XL. It is not region locked.
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I just imported one myself, that's probably the best thing to do right now, seeing that the release date is getting closer.

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Do you really need one?
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Do you really need one?limpbizkit818


The game has a new auto target function, so you CAN play without one, but it will be better WITH one. Camera control.