If Nintendo made their own tablet, could they pull it off?

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Poll: If Nintendo made their own tablet, could they pull it off? (8 votes)

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They might be able to. Besides, it would be a good idea if they did, considering that tablets and mobile phones are taking away Nintendo's thunder in the handheld market.

However, it would have to be able to do pretty much everything other tablets and phones can do, but clearly it wouldn't allow apps made by Microsoft or Sony (Or would it?).

I'm not saying this would be the full solution to NIntendo's current dilemma, but it might bide them some time to make other improvements to their business plan.

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I doubt it. Nintendo is known for their games, not hardware. It'll be awfully difficult for them to compete with $300 - $600 tablets that have large, bright HD capacitive touchscreens, excellent cameras, silky smooth performances, impressive processing muscle, use of Cloud services, possible use of 3G or 4G, etc etc. Nintendo is just starting to learn how to properly use online.

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I don't think so. I'd rather stick to my 3ds for on the go gaming. Nintendo cannot compete with the giants. Plus they will obviously charge for their games and there are countless games for free on android and ios. Nintendo would fail miserably. Only their first party games will be worth it....and then again it will have to distributed digitally and we all know Nintendo cannot do online good yet.

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It would be a disaster.

The tablet market is overcrowded, and dominated by Apple and Samsung. A Nintendo branded tablet is only going to do moderate sales, and that would make it look like a failure.

The reason for Nintendo to continue to do hardware is that they bring something different to the table. The Wii, the Wii U, DS, 3DS. Unless they have some new innovative approach to tablets, I don't see the point.

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They could but they should enter the market with low expectations and build few units as needed. Expand from there if there is demand.

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i do think they should seriously look at making a gaming phone. it would be the most effective way to get people to carry around nintendo handhelds.

a lot of people play games on mobile phones but the devices themselves are crap and the games selection is incredibly poor.

if nintendo made a phone that was very good looking (nintendo can make good looking hardware) but also had proper gaming controls, access to the GB, GBA, NES, SNES, N64, DS and 3DS (2D only) backlog and had nintenos backing and the backing of other 3rd parites for much better games then it could make a dent. then have facebook, netflix, twitter and a web browser and sell it for around 250 quid at launch then it would be pretty kewl.

the trick would be to properly balance the needs of a portable gaming device against a normal smartphone. so a smartphone would probably focus on having the highest resolution possible. a gaming phone wouldnt for performance and battery reasons (so it would be Qhd rather than HD on a 4.5" screen probably). the device would need proper controls but how do you do that and still make it look sleek?

how powerful should it be? it will be running flat out when playing games and current top of the range mobile hardware will kill a battery and get very warm when running flat out for a while. so a balance would be needed there.

also they would need to adjust thier pricing for older games. N64 games should go for more than 5 quid. 3DS games for no more than 20 and thye should definately work on getting popular mobile games like angry birds over to it also and make it easy to port android and IOS games over and integrate the controls.

however if nintendo tried to compete directly in the smartphone market..release an android phone with some nintendo bits...they would be slaughtered. sony, asus, samsung, apple and so on will beat the absolute crap out of them.

As for tablets...same as above really (just better screen and not such a focus on fitting in a pocket). there was some excitement for the archos gamepad around a year ago. it was a 7" tablet with proper controls. but it suffered from poor build quality, crap games and poor implementation (most mobile games are not built for a controller).

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I'm not a target-market, but interface-screens are becoming the next toaster.

Buttons are King.

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lol no that is a terrible idea. Nintendo is still dominant in the handheld business, mobile phones are a different market all together because it mainly deals with the casual crowd, meaning people who don't play games all that often. Not to say that the 3DS has no casual games, but it is targeted more towards gamers, which is why it is doing so well.

Focusing on this idea would be a disaster and it is not necessary at all, they have been doing mobile gaming for a long time when you really think about it, no need for it to focus on it being a phone when most likely you already own one, hell, Sony tried doing those playstation approved phones and where are they now? exactly, nowhere. The Vita has the abilities to be a phone with all its extra features that the 3DS doesn't have, yet continues to fail to even be competition for the 3DS, why? because of the games. It's just that simple.

Nintendo has been and from what it seems like, always, will be king of the handheld gaming market.

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Absolutely not. Nintendo sucks at everything online. Tablets need internet connectivity. Can you imagine having a Nintendo tablet that only allows 3 saved networks like the 3DS? You have to exchange friend codes to interact with other tablets. You can only have 100 friends and Nintendo floods you with useless content on their apps. No, I will not buy. Android tablets are just fine for me.