If I could only get one which should I get a Nintendo Switch or New 3DS XL

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I want to make a return to Nintendo after 10 years of Xbox and Playstation. You see, Nintendo has always been loyal to me, but I stopped showing loyalty in return as I grew older. If I get a 3DS I'd only get it to play maybe five games including Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time 3D. I already played both games on N64 when they released so it would be nice to replay them, but I don't have to. If I get a Switch I'd have access to newer games including Link's Awakening (which I never beat) and Animal Crossing this year which is one of the games I want to get on 3DS. (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) Or should I just stay on Playstation and save for PS5 and make a return to Nintendo another time. Say in 2025 when a new console releases? Or perhaps never, because it's cheaper to have 1 console only.

If you own both, or own all consoles like Xbox and Playstation. I'd like to know what you play more? Thanks!

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Only you can decide this mate :)

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Switch easily right now

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Switch without a doubt.

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muh switch :)

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Thanks everyone for the help, but for now I might just stay on PS4, sadly. There are games I haven't played yet on PS4 and have lowered in price, and also upcoming releases. I hope to make a return someday.

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@livingdeadman: Have fun gaming dude. :)

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@mandzilla: Wow, thank you. You have fun gaming too.

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3DS has a great library but it's probably dead any time soon. Switch is a better purchase.

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The 3DS is a great system and has the advantage that you can get almost its entire library for a discount off the used rack at your local game store, and it's backwards compatible with DS games which are even cheaper, meaning that you have access to a huge library of some really terrific games across two hardware generations. Its small size and folding design also makes it an ideal portable system. Its primary disadvantage is that it's at the end of its life, and Nintendo will probably discontinue support within the next 12-months.

The Switch, on the other hand, while more expensive, is also a more capable system. If you take it on the road, you're not playing simplified and stripped down versions of console games like you would on the 3DS but the full console game itself. It's portable gaming without compromise. But you can also use it to play on your large TV at home for a more a traditional console experience.

I've had a 3DS since launch day, but I haven't touched it since getting my Switch. Since you've never owned a 3DS, it's not such an obvious choice. Good luck.

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3DS by quite a large margin. I still play 3DS more than Switch.

Switch is coming along nicely however.

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If I can be in a better fianacial situation right now, I would get a Switch for the third time. I had to sell my first and second Switch consoles due to fianacial reasons.