I never played Prof. Layton, but I have a question...

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#1 Posted by hydralisk86 (8814 posts) -
As topic states, I am wondering, what do you guys like about the game? I don't like puzzles, so if it's a game with just those, I don't think I would like it. So I was wondering, is there more to it than just puzzles?
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#2 Posted by shogoh (571 posts) -
Just puzzles. There's nothing else except a storyline.
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#3 Posted by GeekyDad (1697 posts) -
Wow, if you don't like puzzles, then this game is absolutely NOT for you. Yeah, there's a story and, yeah, the game is beautiful. It's also a great game for those who enjoy puzzles. But it is 100% a puzzle game.
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#4 Posted by youxknowitt (217 posts) -
i didnt really think that i would like puzzles either. but you know what. its just as fun, when you have people you work with and friends helping you figure out the answer. and theres also the interesting story. you should at least give it a rent. it might surprise you
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#5 Posted by JGram33 (206 posts) -
the game is 100% puzzles, but it does have a very good story it follows. its not like brain age that has no story, layton does have a story that makes you want to keep playing. this is my first puzzle game also, and i did not think i would like it that much, but the first time i turned it on i played for 2 hours straight never stopping or even looking at the clock. so while it is stricly puzzles, i really like it and cant wait to play some more.
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#6 Posted by Empress25 (25 posts) -
I love this game. you have to really like puzzles and a challenge. Some of the puzzles are really difficult. I am really enjoying this game, the only bad thing about the game is that i can not talk to anyone without them giving me a damn puzzle to do. i mean damn cant i just have a simple conversation without one of you hounding me to do a puzzle, that i probobly wont get correct anyways. *sigh* i cant tap on the screen in random places cause guess what? Professor look a hidden puzzle. oh thats just great luke!!!
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#7 Posted by viberooni (1396 posts) -
It's all about puzzles, many of the brain teaser variety, audiovisual charm and adventure game style storytelling. I loved it, finished it in a weekend, but then again it was certainly my kind of game. If you don't like puzzles or riddles don't bother.
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#8 Posted by ta11on (784 posts) -
It is all puzzles, but it may not be what you seem. The puzzles are very challenging, but they are unique, fun, and I have not yet played a puzzle that I thought got to repetitive after redoing it for the third time, or any puzzle that was boring.
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#9 Posted by Junior_AIN (4692 posts) -
If you don't like puzzles, don't get the game, because the other aspects are minimal comparing with it.