I heard that Miiverse Perma Bans expire after 6 months...

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Well a few hours ago my 1st perma ban hit the 6 month mark. So was that just a lie?

Cause people on Youtube had done videos showing that they had perma bans that got lifted after 6 months...

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What did you do to get banned?

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Lol. How much of an asshat can you be if you get permabanned on a Nintendo console? Pity they get lifted..

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I was Perma Banned cause I had 6 posts of mine deleted within a 3 month period. As well as I had gotten 3 two week bans.

1 of those 2 week bans was from calling a guy "Silly" cause Silly is hateful and Bullying.

1 of the 2 week bans was cause I said a guy had "atrocious" spelling.

The 3rd was some kid who hates me cause I blocked him so so false reported me and the admins (Useless baboons) decided ok 2 week ban you got it.

So all that added up to a Perma Ban. 99% of people who get banned on Miiverse are WRONGFULLY banned.

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Miiverse is way too strict. I got modded for saying that some people I just played with are ruining online games by boosting. They said it was hateful / bullying. It's ridiculous. As for the perma ban bring lifted, I've read that as well but I can't confirm.