I have a eShop code for Super Mario Odyssey

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A week ago, I made the mistake of purchasing two digital copies of Super Mario Odyssey, but was unable to return of them for a refund.

Since I used the first code on my Switch to digitally download Super Mario Odyssey, I do not know what to do with the code for the second digital copy.

So if anyone is interested in having a free code to download Super Mario Odyssey on the eShop please respond via private messaging. I am happy to give it away.

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Hey man, I can't send you a private message but if the code is still available please message me or email me via duckyhughes2000@gmail.com


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hey dude
I tried to get in touch with you 8 am today
I don't know if you saw it

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It won't let me message you. My email is zelgawish@gmail.com if the code is still available.

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hey my email is tardis758@gmail.com if code is still avablible since PM doesnt work @onesiphorus thanks

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@onesiphorus did you give the code out yet

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So @onesiphorus....have you given away the code yet? If not then is there a way I could get in contact with you so that maybe I can get the code, I'm not going to type out a sappy story about how I don't have a job or anything like that but I honestly don't and can't buy really anything. If i'm chosen to get a chance to play SMO then hell yea i'll take it and you can contact me with my email: pixtrix123@gmail.com so we can talk

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@phunlit@nachoboy69@xeno758 and @zeyadel have any of you been contacted by onesiphorus at all about this?

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@pixtrix364: I didn't

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Still available?

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Unfortunately, when I gave the only person who privately messaged me the eShop code, he told me that it did not work. Sorry for anyone who asked.