how to transition pokemon into a 3D game...

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when i say 3d... i mean like the environments....not 3d like stereoscopic 3d that the 3ds has..

so... the next pokemon game... they should release..pokemon 2d and pokemon 3d....both at the same time....instead of making it 2 black&white...or gold&silver.... instead make it 2d and 3d versions..

this way people can buy which ever version they want.... if the 3d version sells just as good or better...then BAM... make the next pokemon all 3d from now on...

what do you think?

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Well, Pokemon games are already in 3D, but with 2D characters and a semi-isometric camera view. 90% of the environment in Black and White are 3D models, and 3D cutscenes are becoming more frequent in Pokemon games.

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I like your idea, but it doesn't fit with the direction GameFreak has been going with in Black and White. It could be well implemented in the rumored Ruby/Sapphire remakes, though. Allow players to toggle between GBA and 3DS graphics after they beat the game, similar to what they did with GB Sounds in HeartGold and SoulSilver.