How to Hook Up Wii To Stereo Receiver ??

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Currently have TV hooked up to old receiver so I get sound through the big speakers.

How can I hook up the Wii to the receiver ? Can it be done? What cables do I need?

thx - Craig

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Just plug the red and white cables into your stereo and the yellow cable into your tv.
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Luckily, all three wires on the standard Wii connection can seperate. So the TV and Stereo can be 10 feet away without problems.

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whoa,,,did I miss something? All I see are some type of USB? connections on the side of the Wii. Are there other jacks behind a panel ??

I must be getting old if I missed this.. Craig

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The red and white connectors on the A/V cables.

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dang it.... I think I'll just let the kids figure it out and I'll just head to the couch... thx all.


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AV Cables

You see the yellow cable and the white and red cables with it? You received that with your Wii when you purchased it. That is how you probably have it hooked up now (unless you have the component cables which have would be red, green, blue and the white and red audio cables). Anyway, what people are telling you to do is take the red and white cable from the cable on the right in the picture and plug those into your stereo receiver.