How much is 1 block?

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OK. I know the Wii is 512 MB but that doesn't really matter because save files are measured in blocks so what I want to know is how many MBs is a block. I could probably figure it out myself but I don't know how many blocks are in the Wii.
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divide 512mb by 2000 odd blocks and u will have the size of the blocks in mb's
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262 KB each block. I think so, but maybe my calculations are wrong.
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probably around this big []
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A block isn't a standardized term, just a convenient one. Different systems (even different Nintendo systems!) use different block sizes.

Anyways, I believe a Wii block is aprox. 1/4 to 1/5 of a MB. It's impossible to know for sure, since we don't know if and how much of the Wii flash drive is already occupied when you first get a Wii.

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I have a SD card which has 1,065,187,680 bytes of free space (0.99 GB), and according to the Wii, there's 8127 blocks left.

1,065,187,680 bytes / 8127 blocks = 128 kilobytes per block.... give or take 100 bytes or so.

Therefore, if you have a 32 GB SDHC card (the highest capacity that the Wii supports, and also the highest capacity SDHC card, any way), you can have over 250,000 blocks (OMG)

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Nintendo Blocks goes back to the old NES days. A game cartrage had roughly 512KB to 2048KB of memory, or 4-16 usable hard drive blocks. One block contains exactly 128k of data, as that was the largest file block at the time. Now blocks can be upwards of 256KB - 10MB in Windows and Linux, but Nintendo kept the old system of management throught the ages. Needless to say though back in the NES days 1,024 Kb was a lot then, but then again computers ran on disks no larger then 1.44 MB. the exception I remember is DOS 5+, which needed a hard drive of at least 4 MB to run. And finally MS-DOS 6.22 used 10 MB. But that was more towards SNES days anyway. Although with dos 6.22 you could load a minimal system of 256KB - 384KB on a single floppy. it was all of the "extras" that inflated MS DOS, such as telnet and stuff. Nowadays there's Block-ID's and stuff with files, so one Gamecube. WII, Nintendo-DSi, 3DS block is 120KB with a 8KB Header, such as Block ID and stuff. --When it comes to computers it's all numbers anyway.