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......... Wii games start getting huge discounts and/or start hitting bargain bins? I find it kind of ridiculous that New Super Mario Wii and Mario Galaxy 2 came out 2-3 years ago and they're still retailing for $60. I haven't played my Wii much in the past few years but I still want to get these games.

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They've already started at places like Gamestop, the used prices are much much lower than the new price on most stuff.

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I've already checked EB Games' website, the used prices are not that much lower than retail, somethin like 10 bucks difference.

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I dunno, but I need to pick up SMG2! I've been wanting to get that game forever. The GPU went out in my wii a while ago and I've missed out on a couple games. too many games, too little time!
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I saw Super Mario Galaxy 2 at Toys R US for 30$

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30 bucks is still too much, but yea I need to get SMG2 as well.. for some reason I never bought it before :o also a few other wii u games too that I see are overpriced still
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#7 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -
im guessing not for a long time.
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$30 is not too much for SMG2. It's an awesome game and still worth $50.