How is Splinter Cell Blacklist on Wii U?

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I was thinking about getting Splinter Cell Blacklist of Wii U, and was wondering how the framerate was and if there's a steady online community.

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Not so sure about your exact questions. I played it a while ago and it ran smooth for me and, in general, it looks pretty good.

Now, for the online community really can't say as I didn't use those features Maybe you can have better luck asking directly at the Miiverse forum.


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the graphics are ps3/360 level...framerate is smooth..

its not like assassins creed 4 which looks better than last gen.

the gameplay is awesome....having all your weapons on the touch screen is great.

the load time when you start a mission is pretty long though.

ummm...i cant speak for the online.

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You might find this interesting

I have it and find it to be a nice looking game with fun gameplay. It is challenging and allows you to choose methods/paths for completing levels.