Hook up DS Lite to TV?

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Researching shows that there is no way to hookup the DS to a TV? Has the DS Lite changed this, or is it still no way? Thanks in advance.

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hmmm that would be cool anyone know
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I have seen shops doing it but never bothered to ask how... maybe there is some magic secret :o
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there is a way.. but you need to mod your ds.. (i.e. open up ds and attach specific hardware to it) unless you are used to doing mods then don't do it.. you might destroy your ds in the process..
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there is a special cable to connect a Nintendo ds to a pc, but this is only for professional purposes like tv programs or programming, I don't know why they never sell this things on stores, but I'm sure this has something to do with their marketing strategy,like never give you something that makes the ds easy to hack or something like this.
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The lite didn't change it...only a few people have cables that do that and the lite hasn't changed that factor.
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yeah they have an... "apparatus" that you can use to mod your DS... 

I really want to do it just so I'm not hunched over all the time.  The game I want to play is Pokemon Diamond, so I don't really care about touch screen functionality, I'd just like to be able to do it from afar...

I was also thinking: if you have to permanently mod your DS, why not just but an old **** one from gamestop or something for like... $30-40  and mod that one? then you can still have a good, portable one, and you can play on the TV also.


... I dunno, I hope nintendo gets their s*** together... for RPG, menu-style games, I'd much rather prefer to have an old-fashioned, button+Dpad controller.  and It's nice being able to take those games on the go, but I also enjoy playing them on the couch in front of a TV, so my back doesn't go sore from being hunched over.

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why would they make a cord that connects Ds to PC??????????
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why would they make a cord that connects Ds to PC?????????? Shadowproxy
did you not read the post?
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I suggest prinnies. ...

lol kidding- u think it's like one of those camera to tv wires wher I took 1 of those and switched round the wires and connected it to my ipod video and it worked...


wait a sec- thats not relevant. is it? I don't really know.

But if ur really desperate u could fix a camcorder to stare at ur ds while u play it fixed to a table. That way u connect the cam to the tv and sit in a somewhat uncomfortabe postion and play ur ds watching the TV!

 i don't recommend it tho' -sorry for the pointless post.

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It is very possible, but I don't think you can unless your DS is modded in some way.
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On youtube ive seen a ds that can record stuff on a tv. I think its only avalible in japan though.

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Researching shows that there is no way to hookup the DS to a TV? Has the DS Lite changed this, or is it still no way? Thanks in advance.

What really needs to be done is for Nintendo to make console versions of all their handheld games so that people who can't see the tiny screen can still play the games on their tv with a console.
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The only time I've seen it done was with development kits which have a thick cable coming out the back of the DS roughly where the cartridge would go. This isn't a case of slight modifications, and the dev kits cost a few grand each.
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I think you're all forgetting something. The DS has two screens, one of which is touch sensitive. If you hooked up the DS to one screen, then you'd have to constantly look up and down between the DS and the TV. That would be a pain. And if you had 2 screens , one on top of the other, you're still missing the whole touchscreen capability, which in some games, is necessary. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to hook up my DS to the TV for games that don't require the touchscreen, but It's just not practical in majority of situations. So, they didn't make one.