Hi everyone, I have a question about Super Mario 64 (original version)

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im wondering if the Super Mario 64 cartridge has a built in save device so i could save my progress without the rumble pack, controller pack, or expansion pack. Please reply ASAP, I need my question answered fast, cuz i might be going to a vintage game store today to find Super Mario 64. Thank you

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yes you can save direct to the cartridge. dont worry.

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Yeah, you can save directly to the cartrige, but there is a chance the battery in there will have died. If so, you will need to open up the cartrige to replace the battery before you can save a file.

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@judaspete: @judaspete: thank you for the suggestion and reply, I think I'll get the controller pack just in case. Thank you☺

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The problem may be your save battery is dead. The batteries inside cartridges do not last forever. It's a relatively simple thing to fix, but you'll need a special "game bit" screwdriver to open your carts (you can buy the batteries anywhere). Generally speaking cart batteries seem to die after 15-20 years so SM64 batteries will be dying soon.