Have you ever seen someone use a Switch or 3DS in public?

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I don't go out much but I've been around trains, buses, and planes. I've never seen anyone use one in public. Have you or do you ever use one in public?

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Yeah a few times, on the bus and train. I take mine on the bus but the next town is an hour away.

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I take mine when I eat out

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Walk in the vicinity of Nintendo World and you'll more more hits than you ever received. Crazy.

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Nope. Bad idea.

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I see a lot of kids with Phones and Tablets more than anything. Playing games and watching movies.

I've seen a handful of 3DS, and a few switches. Mostly older kids. I even saw a Vita once.

Tablets and phones have taken over for most, you can just do more on them when in public.

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Yeah. Mostly kids, parents don't want them running around so the console is to keep them occupied.

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I play my Switch on the train and at work. Seen maybe two Switches and a few DSs in public before. I couldn't tell you if they were 3DSs or DSs.

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I've seen the Switch dozen of times.

The 3DS not so much nowadays, but were pretty common half a decade ago.

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I've been using mine (Switch) on plane flights lately. Great way to minimize the misery

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Frequently for both.

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I see it when I catch trains sometimes. Mostly people using a 3DS though. I personally wouldn't take my Switch anywhere unless I was going to & from a friends house, or on vacation.

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Saw a person playing it on a Bus look like he was in his early 20's I Peeked and he was playing stardew valley

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@ProtossRushX: Oh cool, that game looks like a good port for the Switch, too bad it's only digital.

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Nope. The only place I’ve seen a Switch used in public was a small child in a restaurant. I find it hilarious when alleged adults use portability as a selling point.

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Fair amount of 3DSs, but never a Switch. And I don't play my Switch in public.

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I've used the Switch on airplanes before. That's about it. I'd much rather play it on a big screen TV with a full size controller. I tried using it in the car and that didn't go so well.

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Only once when I was on a bus. I think it was the day or day after release as well.

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I was at the doctor's office in the waiting room and saw a dad with his son playing the Switch. First time I ever saw anyone use one in public.

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3ds yes. Og ds, gb, and gba as well back when they were big. So far I’m the only person I’ve seen use a switch in public and thats if I’m on a flight.

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I've seen Nintendo handhelds "in the wild" many times. The DS/3DS mostly in the hands of kids, while I've seen several adults playing the Switch.

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Several 3DS over the years, and quite a few Switches as well.

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I think,nope.

That is kind of strange nowadays!

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I saw a kid 2 weeks ago playing one in a library. That's the only time I've seen one. Back in the day I'd see kids with Gameboy Advance all the time, and 2DS for a bit. Maybe it's too big to take out.

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I've seen some GBAs, DSs, 3DSs and Switches. 1 or 2 PSPs as well. I bring my Switch on the bus sometimes.

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I don't have a Switch yet but I've noticed that I haven't played my 3DS in public in ages, although I noticed a kit playing a Switch in a doctors office about five or six months ago.

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literally 100s if you count events where gamers gather. If you don't count them, then yeah, I also rarely see other people playing them. That might however be because I'm too busy playing myself to notice :P

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A Switch? No, but I think that's my fault because I try to avoid dealing with the public after work as much as possible. I have seen 3DS and 2DS systems in the wild before.