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#1 Posted by pacific90 (839 posts) -

So I was contemplating getting the 3DS again. But I really was sad to see that with the Wii and the e-shop no remakes for any of the old Pokemon games have com out. 

I am considering just getting the DS now to play Heart Gold and Soul Silver for nostalgia, but if I do will I find anyone else to battle? Is it better if I get that game and have friends to play it with? Is it just me though or does Nintendo purposefully make it so people don't want to play past games? It's seems every year there is a new Pokemon game.

I am even shocked that Wii shop never had Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Red and Blue. 

I am just astonished ya know. 

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#2 Posted by Pffrbt (6612 posts) -

No because I do not care about pokemon at all.

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#3 Posted by gameofthering (11117 posts) -

I don't like Pokemon anymore but I wouldn't object to buying Red & Silver(The last pokemon game I bought)

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#4 Posted by pacific90 (839 posts) -

I just hate the new games pass Ruby and Sapphire and Emerald. I picked up Diamon and Pearl and couldn't play it, so I sold it.

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#5 Posted by Mugzippit (62 posts) -

I'm still hoping they will remake R/S/E alongside X and Y... Seeing the older games would be nice but they update so much with each generation (the mechanics, etc) that bringing back the older games wouldn't be as good as it sounds.

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#6 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4954 posts) -

What specifically don't you like about the newer games?

HeartGold and SoulSilver are fantastic remakes, but if you hate the newer games then you might not like them. They were remade with Gen IV compatibility in mind, therefore pokemon and features from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum are present. If they remake Ruby and Sapphire, they will also have the latest pokemon and apps.

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#7 Posted by Abagnam (122 posts) -
For the nostalgia i would like to play red version, with online support
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#8 Posted by outworld222 (2862 posts) -

Like many have said, I don't play Pokemon. But tbh, I don't feel the same way. I feel like many of Nintendo's past games are fun to play even up to this day. I might even say, they encourage playing old games! So yeah, difference of opinion there.

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I just wish those were made for the home console back in the day, but I actually think it's their best selling point for the portable. All of the adventure style pokemon games have been made for portables and Nintendo wont ever change this. I only hope pokemon X and Y is as great as it looks
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#10 Posted by BigBen11111 (1529 posts) -

Well, I would like to see Pokemon Yellow & Crystal on the VC. But I moved on.