Got a Switch, is it worth buying a DS also?

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I've had my Switch since launch, and I love it. I've never owned a DS but I'm getting quite intrigued by the extensive library of games it has. Do any of you have both? Does your DS get much play time? Is it worth buying this late into it's life cycle (assuming production does continue for a few more years)?

If I buy one I'd probably get a 2DS XL. Let me know your thoughts, those that are interested.

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Short answer, yes.

Long answer, if you can afford the time and money to play both the 3DS/DS and the switch, then go for it. If you lack the money or time to buy for/ play both consoles, then stick to the switch. The 3DS/DS has a lot of good games, for buying a 3DS of any model will be worth it, and while the system itself isn't all that expensive, buying games for both the 3DS and Switch will add up quickly.

One advantage of buying the 3DS now is that the vast majority of the games have already been produced for it, (and all of the DS games have been produced.) Because of this, you can go through the titles and pick off the ones you don't want to play, watching a quick walkthrough of the first level or two if you are uncertain about a game. That way you'll know exactly how many games you want to buy, how much (roughly) it's going to cost, and you can estimate how much play time you'll get out of the console.

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ummm, a 2DS is exclusively portable. you cant play it on your tv. so make sure you are ok with that first and if you travel around enough to make it worth it.

also, remember the screen is smaller and the graphics are much worse. be prepared for that.

if you answered yes to both of those questions then maybe it will be a good system to you and you should purchase it.

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3DS/2DS has an awesome library, so if you're interested, go for it. I'm personally done with mine, I haven't picked it up once since I got the Switch.

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I would say yes just cuz I he amazing library.

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Get a DS Lite, that way you get GBA games.

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Yeah definitely. The DS/3DS library of games is one of my favourites of all time.

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Yeah definitely

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If you're interested in plenty of games on it, yeah.

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I still use my 3DS more than my Switch so it's a yes from me. Let's me play some of the best CastleVania games and still the best Monster Hunter game (4G). Also has Chrono Trigger.

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Yeah get a Nintendo DS. Definately one of the greatest libraries for a system.

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i have both a DS and a 3DS and for me i like the DS but i love the 3DS. the Zelda games to use that for an example for me are fun but they aren't the best in the series and using the stylus is a pain in the ass i think. but you may enjoy it. i also don't think it's a bad hand held at all it's just not one of my favorites that's all, i hope that helps any