Gold Nunchuck now available at Club Nintendo

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#1 Posted by thetravman (3592 posts) -

Just a heads up for those who missed out the first time. They sold out fast last time so don't stall.

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#2 Posted by yokofox33 (30774 posts) -

Phooey. I need 180 coins. I'm not gonna be able to get one. I need an extra nunchuck, too. Oh well.

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#3 Posted by Cesar_Barba (3665 posts) -
Yup, I've been on their site since 6am PST refreshing about every 10 minutes not wanting to miss out this time. I've made my order through and now I can finally finsh my collection display; which I am sure to show off here once I receive that last piece.
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#4 Posted by zyphyr2k12 (277 posts) -

:D ty for the heads up

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#5 Posted by tocool340 (21105 posts) -
Meh, Unless I get the Wii-mote with that nunchuck, I'll pass. I got plenty of coins too...