Getting a Switch for my birthday should I be excited?

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I mean is it a portable beast compared to the 3DS? I'm getting the grey/black one around March 10th.

Also what size memory card should I get with it?

Some games im getting

Megaman Legacy Collection + X Collection





Octopath Traveler

Smash Bro. Ultimate

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My only issue is there isn't enough exclusives. Once I was done with them. It just sits there except for the occasional Mario kart game with the misses. Tetris 99 is pretty good but I don't play longer than 20 minutes.

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Heck yeah it's worth it. But, as npiet1 said I do find myself having a hard time finding something to play. There's a bunch of stuff on there but it's ports I've played in the past or indie stuff. Animal Crossing will be worth the wait that's for sure.

These days I mainly use it for MK8 Deluxe online races until something comes up. Also, still playing NSMBU Deluxe. I'll occasionally throw Super Mario Party on if friends are over & keen.

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Well everyone's experiences are going to be different of course, but for me it's the most fun console since the PS2... possibly even edging it out. Loads of great games out already, plus if you never owned a Wii U then you're going to be overloaded with new stuff to play.

Compared to the 3DS it's a completely different beast, playing AAA games on the go or chilling on your couch is amazing. The 3DS is good too though, it's the true king of portable gaming. Switch is more like what the Wii U and Vita should have been.

You can get memory cards pretty cheap on Amazon often, I'd recommend about a 128GB for now until the prices come down a bit. A 1TB has just been released but it's going to be quite expensive for a while.

Nice game choices btw, that should scratch the RPG itch! Also I'd recommend Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Tetris 99 for multiplayer and Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Bayonneta 1+2 for single player. Into the Breach, Golf Story and Gris are also great indies not available on the other consoles.

Shop around or watch out for eshop sales and you'll be able to get most of these for quite decent prices. Also remember to register any new games you get for the reward scheme, it all adds up and every once in a while it'll let you pick up a free game.

Anyway, early happy birthday and hope you have fun with your Switch. ??

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As far as power on a handheld device, I guess it's up there. But the battery life isn't anywhere near as good as you would get with the 3DS.

You can buy portable battery packs, I've never tried any but I know some are made particularly for the Switch nowadays.

I list the games I have in my stacks, as well as some I might buy one day. You can check it out if you want some ideas, otherwise, sift through Nintendo's website or wikipedia.

You're gonna want a decent-sized microsd if you plan on eventually getting lots of games and extra content. I got the Nintendo-licensed one with a power-up mushroom, it has something like 128GB and costs around the price of a new game.

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Switch is a good system, while I much prefer 3DS due to its selection and superior as a handheld it doesn't have the flexibility of the Switch. And it's not as though Switch is lacking games, even has two of the best WiiU games on the system (Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country: TF)

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you cant put it in your pocket like a 3DS

you need to buy a case for it.

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An absolute must, is also a tempered glass screen protector.

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On one hand it's bloody amazing and my personal 'must-have' when travelling by plane/train. On the other hand, you'll run out of inner organs as you'll be selling them to afford the games.

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@KBFloYd: what case should I get with it or anything that I need you think?

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@ProtossRushX said:

@KBFloYd: what case should I get with it or anything that I need you think?

i just bought a 10$ case from best buy.

theres tons of them

some hold games. they also sell some that hold an extra battery or maybe one where you can store some small headphones?

it's up to you.

but you need one to carry the switch around safely.

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@Ovirew:I bought a 128GB SD for 20 bucks for mine... IMO the TC shouldn't waste the money on a Nintendo branded one

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Why wouldnt you be excited.... enjoy