Gettin back into Pokemon, haven't played since gold/silver

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Hey guys, I'm looking to get a few Pokemon games, I haven't played since the original gold/silver. I've read to start off with soul silver/heart gold then get into the 5th gen games. My question is, would it be smart to get white 1 then get black 2? Or should u go same color? And does the black city/ white forest change hugely? I've read online the differences, but I want people's opinions on which versions to get. I want 3 games, I was thinking heart gold, white 1 and black 2.. Does this work or should I go black 1 and black 2? ( I've leaned towards black 2 after reviews) Thanks for your opinions!
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There isnt much of a difference in black and white 1 and 2.
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Get black 1 finish it then get black 2

also dont forget pokemon platinum

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Emerald's still good if youve got a way to play it
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Play emerald if possible, that is brilliant.

As for the white 1 / black 2 dilemma, it's probably best to get the sequel with the same colour. Black 2 has the same legendary as White 1, so unless you want 2 zekroms, you won't have a way of getting reshiram unless someone trades.