games with single card download play-option

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My friend en me needs new DS games.

Can anybody tell me good DS-games with the single card download play-option?


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I don't know abouut single card, but I highly recommend you and your friend go out and find two copies of Glory Days 2. You can play co op and vs with up to 6 AI aircraft, split however you like- 2players vs 6AI, 2P+2AI vs 4AI, 1P+3AI vs 1P+3AI, or any other combination you can think of between 2 and 8 aircraft total. Hands down the best multiplayer DS game of all time. Contra 4 is the only other game that comes close.
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If you don't have Mario Kart DS than that is a great multiplayer game with a single card option.

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I wouldnt mind knowing the list of 3DS games that are single card download and play. My roomate might get a 3DS and doubt he is the type to buy alot of games for it, so it would be nice to know what we could play together with only one card.

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Nintendo DS:

Advance Wars Dual Strike,Bomberman,Burnout Legends,Bust A Move DS,Dragon Booster,FIFA Soccer 06Frogger Helmet Chaso,Geometry Wars,Goldeneye Rogue Agent,Madagscar,Mario Kart DS,Meteos,Metriod Prime Hunters,Metroid Prime Pinball,Nanostray, Ping Pals,Pokemon Trozei,Polarium,Puyo Pop Fever,Ridge Racer DS,Sega Casino,Snowboard Kids,Sonic Rush,Super Mario 64 DS,Super Monkey Ball Touch&Roll,Tamagothchi Connection,Tetris DS,The Rub Rabbits,True Swing Golf,Whac-A-Mole,Worms Open WarFare,Yoshi Touch&Go,Zoo Keeper.

Nintendo 3DS:

MarioKart 7, Super Street Fighter IV, Starfox 64 3D, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars ("Pass the 3DS Multiplayer").

Bare in mind the DS list is 3 years old, I got it off of Yahoo answers. The 3DS ones are the ones I found in a quick google search. Hope this helps.

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Cool. Thanks for the list!