Gamecube or PS2, Which had better graphics?

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Just Curious.

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Gamecube was more powerful

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GameCube, ps2 was the weakest of that gen. A lot of dreamcast games even had better visuals.

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GameCube. Seriously, try and find something on the PS2 that looked as good as Rogue Leader or was as fast as F-Zero GX.

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@nintendoboy16: Okami was exclusive to PS2

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@sakaixx said:

@nintendoboy16: Okami was exclusive to PS2

Okami looks fantastic, don't get me wrong. But come on, good luck trying to find something on PS2 that looked and ran as great as these...

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Gamecube. Ps2 actually had the weakest graphics but dominated the gen for many other reasons.

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Gamecube was actaully more capable, Resident Evil 4 on ps2 was downgraded somewhat, I think a couple of lighting effects weren't present on the Ps2 version.

However you'd find on the whole there were a higher number of better looking games on the ps2 due to it being the leading system and lots of developers releasing games for it.

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PS2 < Gamecube < Xbox

Games like F-Zero GX, Mario Sunshine and Resi 4 blew my mind

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I was under the impression that GameCube was more powerful. Resi 4 was incredible for the time.

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It depends. GameCube had more power, but lacked storage space on their mini-DVDs, which often led to graphical sacrifices.

There were several multiplatform games that had better graphics on PS2 compared to GameCube (sometimes at the expense of frame rate), but the GameCube exclusives often looked better than anything the PS2 was even capable of.

XBOX takes the graphical cake of that generation overall, but this isn't what this thread is about.

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I'll go with the GC.

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GameCube had great graphics. Only downside was that most people opted for ps2 and the triple A games were getting released on Xbox/PS2 instead.

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Funny thing, I actually read an article about the GC graphics development couple of days ago. It was actually developed by a GPU company called ArtX which ATI brought. The team later on went to work on the legendary 9700 Pro on the GPU side. 3 companies were in the bidding to take over the company, ATI, nVidia and S3. Eventually the company decided to go with ATI and thus ATI's entry into the console market which continues on till today. Interestingly this was the same group of people who also worked on the Nintendo 64 graphics when they were part of SGI.

And Yes, GC graphics were a lot better and more powerful than the PS2. PS2 had the developers though.

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The Gamecube really did have some nice graphics. When I think back to the early 2000's when I was playing games like Super Mario Sunshine, things really popped. Nintendo was really in their element in the early-late 2000's, that shows in the great and innovative games on the Gamecube, GBA and DS.