Gamecube memory card in Wii corrupted, help?!

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#1 Posted by krimzen (1198 posts) -
I have a feeling I'm in for some bad news, but I wanted to know if any of you out there who play gamecubes on your wii have had the unfortunate experience of having your gamecube memory card corrupted? I'm curious if anyone has had any success in getting their data back? It's a Nintendo card too... I'm really frustrated I had tons of gaming progress stored on that card.
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#2 Posted by Quiksilver0519 (402 posts) -
My memory card's fine...I wouldn't know what to do if your memory card is corrupted, I think your screwed, sorry.
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#3 Posted by lindo932 (98 posts) -

sorry but i think your just going to have to erase the whatever games are corrupted on that memory card. sorry but lyk the person before me said, your pretty much screwed.

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#4 Posted by meimnobody (5565 posts) -
Put it in the other slot. Make sure it is firmly in. Try transfering the files to another memory card. Often when it says corrupted it just needs to be loaded up a few more times. Blow in the cart as well.
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Sounds like the Wii might have erased the memory...:(
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#6 Posted by krimzen (1198 posts) -
Ouch, looks like it's toasted. That's painful to know that a few years of gaming just went up in smoke... should have backed it up better arggh.
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#7 Posted by Jakendo (3841 posts) -
never happened to me... try using on the gamecube and see how it goes.
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yeah it happened to me when i was playing wind waker it corrupted on me when i was saving it i took it out of my wii blew into the card put it back in didn't work and then yesterday formatted it it saved played it today said it was corrupted is there anything else thanks