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so i went to my local game store today and saw a Game genie that says it would work for a 3DS and a DS well i have a 3DS but i wanted to use the codes for pokemon Heart gold, poped it in and well there is no codes for it.... tried using AR codes and all that does is freezes the game when you start with cheats (yes i beat the game tons of times before) anyone ever bought this and got cheats working on it? i cant return it as my Local game store dont accept refunds

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I don't know about the 3ds, but I had an Action Replay for the regular DS and sold it about 5 minutes after I bought it because it was driving me nuts. Sometimes the codes would work, other times they wouldn't. When they did, they would keep making my game freeze. I'll never buy another Action Replay/Game Genie again after that.

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as far as i know they stopped making game genies in the early 90ies it got replaced with game shark, if a company has started to remake them and did not give codes for it then you could have just been screwed but you can try a google search.