fe toIs it safe to keep my Wii on stand-by mode?

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Is it safe to keep it on stand- by mode(When its on orange with Wiiconnect24 on)?
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Yes its fine u want to keep it on so u can get updates.

Unless ur scared bout ur Wii getting warm then keep it off.

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no danger what so ever

unless you are REALLY poor and you can't pay about 10 more cents for your electric bill

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hmm... why would it be unsafe to do what you're supposed to?
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Nintendo said that you could do that, so i suppose you can. It would be a good idea to make sure that the fan (if it has a fan) isn't blocked. You can keep a gamecube on for very long periods of time without it over-heating or becoming damaged, so I'm sure the wii could do even better.

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There's no reason not to. Nintendo wouldn't make that function if it were dangerous. The PS2 has a standby mode and nobody freaks about that, and even a lot of tv's and DVD players have it. And it has to be in standby mode to get updates, which is another reason this is a stupid question.
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sure, mine is barely even warm right now, and it's been on for weeks