Favourite Zelda Game?

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I have only finished Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, while I have played (but not completed) Majora's Mask, Link's Awakening, Link to the Past and Breath of the Wild. My favourite has to be Wind Waker.

What's your favourite? Now don't give me the BEST, or the most critically acclaimed, game, just tell me which you had most fun playing.

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Wind Waker. I think your favorite Zelda is generally the one you play first, and this is the one I played first.

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I just think link’s awakening had the most meaning to me.

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The original or Twilight princess, but I've only had a wii and nes,

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Wind waker

Breath of the Wild

A Link To the Past

Can’t really choose. Love them all.

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I've only played a few of them but I think Wind Waker is my favourite... I liked Twilight Princess too.

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Is and always will be the original.

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Ocarina was, is, and will always be my favorite with Link to the Past, Majora, and Wind Waker(my first) not too far behind.

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#11 Posted by mgools (1242 posts) -

Breath of the Wild

Link Between Worlds

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my first zelda game was the nes one. of course i have the biggest nostalgia for that one. also zelda 2 on the nes. people hate on it but i loved it. it was extremely hard though.

link to the past was also great. i have great memories of the music and stuff. but the nes ones had a slightly bigger impact on me.

as for 3D zeldas. ocarina of time and breath of the wild are maybe the best then windwaker and majoars mask in 2nd.

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Probably Link's Awakening imo. Not only did it create a ton of the series' tropes, but it all just feels really great to play. They polished it a ton so it just feels super streamlined without being handhold-y. Oh also, the music is incredible.

Minish Cap has the best visual design of the 2d games, but to be fair it was the last 2d game in the series made. It can be pretty handhold-y at times though.

Ocarina is, of course, a masterpiece too but for some reason I just prefer Link's Awakening a little. Maybe it's because I played Link's awakening first so there's an element of nostalgia for me.

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I've only played ocarina of time, twilight princess, and breath of the wild but I'd say twilight princess just for the story.

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Wind waker :)

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I've only played all of them (wink) but I'd have to say Ocarina of Time was ground breaking at the time. Will always remain as my favorite.

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#17 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (9198 posts) -

A Link to the Past, Wind Waker, 2, and the Oracle games on GBC were the ones I liked the most.

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My most favorite and beloved Zelda game to date is Twilight Princess HD (3DS Hero Mode) and I have many reasons for it! It has the best difficulty balance of all Zelda games. The best humor, the best characters, the best story, some of the best dungeons, makes optimal use of the hardware, and I kinda love the idea of Link being stuck as a doge.

The two main complaints would be that the over-world has less secrets than 3D Zelda's after OoT. And the beginning is slow. (The 1st hour.) Sure. Sure. You don't have to keep telling me that! That's just a tiny scratch on this cakepop. Other than that, it's freaking delicious and I would like to buy everyone a copy so that they will see the light and their opinions become more agreeable!


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#19 Posted by nikigamer (9 posts) -

viento zelda waker wii U

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For me, it's Majora's Mask (the original, not 3DS remake). It had a dark and (at times) twisted theme to it, something that hasn't been seen since (Twilight Princess dipped into it with the Twilight). The world wasn't the largest, but the 3 day cycle put a spin on how you played (even at times putting pressure on you to finish a dungeon quick (looking at you Great Bay Temple)) The masks providing hidden powers and used to progress some of the side missions was a nice idea.

And it was all made in a short space of time as well, which was impressive.

The 3DS remake made the game more accessible for players, as at the time the game was tricky to follow and to understand without trial and error at times. But for me, it took away part of what made the game great.

Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild and A Link to the Past are very close behind. But to be honest, i've not experienced a bad Zelda game outside of the CDi Zelda and Zelda II

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#21 Posted by pyro1245 (4994 posts) -
  1. ALttP
  2. OoT
  3. Link's Awakening
  4. Windwaker
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#22 Posted by Speeny (1624 posts) -

So far It's Ocarina of Time. I played Wind Waker as a kid...revisited it last year and wasn't really a fan. I have fond memories of playing Twilight Princess back then also but haven't replayed in a long time.

If I'm honest Ocarina of Time is the only Zelda game I've beaten. I'll play Majora's Mask eventually...then Breath of the Wild.

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#23 Posted by OnionPapa (5 posts) -

Link to the past!

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#24 Posted by conkertheking1 (872 posts) -

Link's Awakening, except the "Wow! This looks pretty heavy! You won't be able to lift it with just your bare hands!" does get old until you get the power bracelet.

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#25 Posted by AxeNiz (3 posts) -

Breath of the wild and Ocarina :)

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Link to the Past and Breath of the Wild. Can't decide between the two.

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#27 Posted by cristoeuf (12 posts) -

Ocarina of Time : the Best One!

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#28 Posted by TMA_Hayabusa (12 posts) -

@stanleyhudson12: A Link between worlds

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Link to the past or Windwaker.

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i think since i'm not gonna post them all since there's so many Zelda games now... the Original Zelda is my favorite game of all time in fact. i've prolly beat that game 400 or 500 times at least. i think i know all the secrets by now. a link to the past as well this one as i've only been able to beat those two are my top two faves. with i think Link between worlds a game i can't beat just yet i can get up to Gannon but he kills my ass each time.

but i love Zelda 2. yes the game is hard but if you want to make it a bit easier do what i do when you play it...before you head over to death mountain i had to think of what it was called for a moment. he he Farm i believe it's called? i say it like that cause i never use the term normally. wait until you sword is at 3 than go into the caves you can get the hammer and things so much more easier and you can also beat level 3 so much easier as well. yes it does forever and can get bit tedius as well but do what i doput some tunes on and Enjoy your experience. i really doubt it's the hardest Zelda game though, i have it on NES which i haven't played in years, i still have my NES though and i have Zelda 1 and 2 on gameboy Advance. when you get to the dragon i have't ever beaten him yet... really only cause i think on the gameboy version they give you less room to attack that damn dragon.

i 1st played Zelda in (1989) and i've been hooked since.

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@stanleyhudson12: I haven't finished it yet, cause I just got married a few months back and we don't have a Swtich yet, but Breath of the Wild I think is my favorite currently. I played it over the summer at my family's, and it definitely has exceeded my expectations so far as far as variety of content. But even beyond that, the MUSIC is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I've been learning the Rito Village (Day) music for piano lately.

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#32 Posted by Glitch- (287 posts) -

Well you said had the most fun playing. I pretty much played them all but actually had the most fun with Wind Waker, Majora's Mask, and Minish Cap. Really like all of them though.

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#33 Posted by wildhoney66 (306 posts) -

I Have every single zelda game but one and that would be Oracle of the seasons. i have age in fact i have 2 of them. but the rest of them i have

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#34 Posted by Veriud (5 posts) -

Breath of the Wild!

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#35 Posted by Tacocat_Yay (4 posts) -

Wind Waker all the way! (HD version > Original)

I know this is not popular opinion, but Botw is overrated (at least for me). It was WAY too repetitive and the music was not memorable at all. At least I gave it a try...

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#36 Posted by Hybrilynx (5 posts) -

Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess.

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#37 Posted by Ovirew (8992 posts) -

Breath of the Wild is probably my favorite Zelda game now, but I have a lot of other favorites.

Link's Awakening DX, the Oracle games, Majora's Mask, OoT and Windwaker were all favs. ALttP was also decent, but I didn't get into it as much as most fans.

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#38 Posted by Tauriiel (3 posts) -

The minish cap. :3

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Speaking of Zelda, anybody else not rate BotW that highly? I'm currently playing it and I'm finding it abit tedious and annoying.

Although it could be down to my exhaustion at playing open world games in general :( I think I prefer the more linear Zeldas. Man I hope they port Wind Waker to Switch!

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@hrt_rulz01: I think BotW is one of the best games ever made. I personally still see Majora’s Mask as my nr 1, but there’s a lot of nostalgia into that feeling.

My 130 hour playthrough of BotW was full of wonder, awe and pure and fun adventure.

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#41 Posted by uninspiredcup (33288 posts) -

Phantom Hourglass.

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@Sgt_Crow said:

@hrt_rulz01: I think BotW is one of the best games ever made. I personally still see Majora’s Mask as my nr 1, but there’s a lot of nostalgia into that feeling.

My 130 hour playthrough of BotW was full of wonder, awe and pure and fun adventure.

Hmm, fair enough. I know I'm in the minority with my dislike of it.

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@outworld222: Bet you're happy after the direct

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#44 Posted by outworld222 (2995 posts) -

@randomperson22: no not really. As I don’t have a Switch. But still happy this game gets recognition. Was awaiting 3DS news.

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@hrt_rulz01: open world games man... I think BotW does it better than many, but it still suffers for the design choice OTHER than the obvious sense of freedom open world affords. I'd call BotW a flawed masterpiece, personally - took some big risks and made some great choices but also has some clear shortcomings due to those choices. Like you, I'd hope to see more linear Zeldas in the future too

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@xantufrog: Yeah... there's lots I like about it, but it just got abit tedious in the end. But I understand why most people love it.

I think Links Awakening will be more my style :)

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I like Ocarina of Time. It's one of my favorite games of all time.