Favourite Mega Man Game?

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#1 Posted by Speeny (1615 posts) -

I'm not ashamed to admit it but I love the Megaman Battle Network games. I really wish they'd bring them to the Switch seeing as I owned the Wii U for a very short amount of time before selling it.

Other than that I did play Mega Man ZX Advent for the DS. It was good.

The original games I find very difficult though. It is a good challenge nonetheless.

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#2 Posted by KBFloYd (21806 posts) -

only ones i played where the NES ones. and i could never beat any of them lol.

love the music and artstyle though.

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#3 Posted by -ParaNormaN- (1539 posts) -

Mega Man Zero 2 or 3 are my personal favorite ones. I love almost every Mega Man game. I have not played the Star Force stuff yet. The Battle Network games are great but, I'm more of a run n gun platform kind of Mega Man fan so I'm always playing the classic, X, or Zero games. I really loved the Metroidvania ZX games too.

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#4 Posted by Glitch- (287 posts) -

Mega Man X. Also like the Mega Man Legends games.

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#7 Posted by Veriud (5 posts) -

Megaman X5!

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#8 Posted by VFighter (4881 posts) -

I loved all the nes games. Haven't played much after them.

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Mega man 11! jk that game sucked

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@randomperson22 Ouch dude....

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Honestly Zero 4; I really enjoy the Zero series overall and the idea of bosses being tougher when you had a higher rank.

Also I have very fond memories of being utterly destroyed by Craft so maybe it's a bit of that.

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#12 Posted by Ovirew (8978 posts) -

The NES and Gameboy ones were classics. I kinda liked the first Legends and Battle Network, but I think the original games define Mega Man for me.

I'd have to say the first 3 games or so are the ones I played the most. It gets confusing because I remember the Gameboy game mixed bosses from different NES games.

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#13 Posted by ProtossRushX (5322 posts) -

Megaman X4 is my favorite love zero

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@speeny: I will never accept a gun.

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Until gun games are banned against my grandfather, I shall play Black Suit Zero: Mega Man X4.