Ever Buy Translated Repro's Of Import Games?

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I just bought a copy of a fan translated Repro cart for Tsumi To Batsu (Sin And Punishment) for the N64. I have a region free Ultra HDMI modified N64 which is great! What isn't great is that I can't read Japanese! So, I googled around looking for possible translated romhacks and whatnot, then ran into a seller on Etsy that sold a bunch of copies of English translated repro carts. I decided to get the last copy they were selling. This is the 2nd repro cart I have ever bought. Being a fan of Shantae and seeing how laughably high the original cart is for that game, I decided to swallow my "authentics only" ego and buy a $15 repro. Thing is though that, that is a copy and paste rom file going into an actual GBC cartridge. I have never bought a game, or in this case, a romhack that was then imported into an actual cartridge. Wanted to see if anyone here has ever done it. Are you pleased with what you got? Let me know guys!

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Sin and Punishment was already in English (besides the main menu screen). All the in-game dialogue is English! And no, I wouldn't buy one.