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Just started playing and not past the first town but I already feel that this game is no where near as good as the snes FF games. Am I judging it way too early? Early on in FF snes games it feels like your in for something special.

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I've heard that the main reason Earthbound is so popular is for the story and humor, not the gameplay. i've actually heard that the gameplay is kinda meh, honestly. I wouldn't know, though; I have yet to play it. I suppose I should get on that.

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EarthBound feels both like a masterpiece and a generic game at the same time. I played the entire game myself (back in 2000) and LOVED it. I would give it a 10. Unlike 99% of other RPG's, EarthBound takes place in modern times, and you control a boy who uses ATM machines, walks through towns and cities with modern buildings and cars, etc. The colorful visuals are very charming, too. And I love the's unbelievable and original. The battle system is great, too. It's a very humorous game.

I would love to see a 3D modern EarthBound game, but I know it will never happen.

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I think you are judging the game too quickly, just give the game some more time and hopefully you'll enjoy it a little more. I kind of felt the same when I first started playing the game too.

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The gameplay isnt very good. The game shines in the story, humour and music departments. It paints a rosy image of the 90s which I find very appealing.

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Okay but so far the audio and music doesnt sound good to me either, very simple and blah compared to FF or some of the other great snes rpg's.

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The gameplay is pretty basic, one could even call it outdated. But everything else about the game is stellar.