Does nyomw ever feel like Smash Bros is overrated?

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I used to have a ball playing the game. In fact I’ve ever had such fun playing a fighting game, either by myself or with others. I remember spending all this time, countless hours playing with friends and time passing by without ever realizing it. I used to love all the customization options. All the crazy items and weapons, the large levels you could run around in, the quality and sturdy feeling in how the game was made. There was just something about it, it felt really solid and well built, however Nintendo manages to achieve this on comparison to other game developers I don’t know. I loved all the wacky characters and variety in how they moved and differed in playing style. I loved how over the top it was.

Now, I enjoy Ultimate a lot, but sometimes I feel irked by it. I feel annoyed sometimes with the camera, like it pulls back way too much, the levels a lot of them are kind of predictable or feel not as big anymore or all the same. All the items, they feel too chaotic at times, and just like random nonesense. The levels are way too garish feeling at times and colourful or ‘kiddie’ feeling.

It just doesn’t have the same splendour for some reason anymore. I can think seem to enjoy it the same way, it’s like tis either too serious or competitive but then it’s harder to get into playing it more care-free like. I just find it more serious, and I notice shortcoming or flaw s or easily.

Before I remember being enthralled jumping around in the Metroid levels and trying to avoid the lava and feeling really giddy when I landed on a platform and avoided it while trying to cautiously attack my friend on the other platform, or running around trying to escape the lava.

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I think so. But that's just my opinion. I have fun while playing them with others, but I tend to only like to play a few games & then get bored.

When I was a kid playing SSBM on the Gamecube, I absolutely loved it. The appeal wasn't the fighting though. More so playing as all the different characters.

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I love Smash Bros, but it is over-rated. Understandable though, considering all the fan service.

Power Stone is equally fun, but less popular.

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No, I absolutely am enjoying the heck out of SSBU. They are rated right where they should be.

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its the best fighting game. is it perfect? no.

but its the best this generation could come up with.

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I get what you mean. I think SSB is still great, but perhaps it's not as good as it could be.

Ever since Brawl, I've felt like Smash Bros. has been slightly less fun. I still enjoyed that game, I was between jobs at the time and was hooked on it enough to play through story mode for several days. But some things changed with that game.

Probably the biggest thing was the addition of the smash ball. That kind of hurt the game play for me, it shifted the focus away from racking up damage percentages and became a mad dash to win the smash ball and unleash super smashes.

They also added the non-Nintendo characters, which at the time bugged me a lot, though I am happy with some of the newer third-party characters nowadays. Still... It didn't feel like a gathering of characters from Nintendo worlds so much then.

The number of characters has certainly gotten astronomical. And many feel less unique as a result. And it seems as though there were more play modes and varieties of play styles back in Melee, compared to now. Mario gained FLUDD, which is kind of lousy compared to his old spinning attack.

It also used to be more fun being surprised by unexpected character inclusions. Now we've reached the point where the surprises are fewer and farther between, and some of the included characters are odd choices.

Even the new single-player mode in Ultimate should have been something more than what it is. It's fun, but it's pretty bare-bones. And it's a little rough around the edges. The same goes for the whole spirits system.

Ultimate is still a great game, but is clearly not as well-rounded of an effort as many were expecting. And that's without even getting into the awful Switch Online fiasco.

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Yeah... I was playing the Wii U version a couple of days ago and brawl a few days before and came to that conclusion. I least I managed to find a perfect copy of brawl at a yard sale for $15 instead of paying the $42 that the local game shop wanted me to pay.

Don't get me wrong, I had fun...but I had more fun with Soul Caliber IV ironically enough.