Do you overall prefer Mario or Zelda?

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#51 Posted by Verceties (322 posts) -

It goes Zelda, Donkey Kong, then Mario for me. Can't beat a good DK game.

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#52 Posted by Vaidream45 (1904 posts) -

Mario for 2d anyday

Zelda for 3d or 2.5d for sure

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#54 Posted by realistic44 (8232 posts) -

Zelda for sure (Botw) has an insane amount of replay value

You can play the side missions, shrines, beating the Lynel Monsters which was difficult for me at the first, then it became easy because then I realized I could use Statis on them lol, but anyways Zelda for sure.

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#55 Posted by Nanashi_Fox (12 posts) -

As much as I've liked all of the 3D Mario games, I actually never enjoyed the 2D ones too much. Especially the New Super Mario series got pretty repetitive and boring to me after the first one for the DS. So only the 3D games have a replay value for me, especially Super Mario Sunshine.

So I would go for Zelda. I've enjoyed all of the games, no matter if 3D or 2D. They easily keep me busy for hours without even noticing. I often even catch myself playing them over and over again, just because they're so much fun. Almost all of them have a great replay value for me, especially Wind Waker, Minish Cap and Ocarina of Time (which are the three I like the most).

And even if I would have to choose between the two newest games of those two franchises, I would still go with Zelda. Super Mario Odyssey kept me busy for only about 30 hours and I've already collected about 2/3 of all the moons. So there is not too much to do anymore. But with Breath of the Wild I already got around 150 hours and still got a lot to do.

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#56 Posted by Rovelius (3247 posts) -

Zelda, hands-down.

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#57 Posted by realistic44 (8232 posts) -

I only wish you can store you weapons,bows, or shield in a bin. Sucks to having to do a side mission to finding the same weapon for the kid again.

I love it though one of the best games I ever played.

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#58 Posted by SaltSlasher (1086 posts) -

I think I'm a Zelda fan, but I grew up on Mario and only really liked 2D Zelda.

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#59 Edited by uninspiredcup (33410 posts) -

I think overall Mario has more solid games.

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#60 Posted by thomasfish (5 posts) -

I like in Mario that you can just kinda drop in for a bit. With Zelda it feels like you have to properly set aside some time to play, it doesn't really lend itself to shorter play sessions. Of course, I'm generalising massively and I'm probably biased since I love Odyssey but haven't played BotW yet.

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#61 Posted by paulschmitter7 (9 posts) -

They're both amazing but I'd say Zelda

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#62 Edited by Pikminmaniac (11365 posts) -

I'm usually more on the Mario side. However I liked Odyssey less than the other recent Mario games and Breath of the Wild blew me away.

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#63 Edited by AixmeetNSCase (7 posts) -

Mario at all times..

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#64 Posted by Alex175 (6 posts) -

I generally prefer Mario but not because it seems better. Are two huge sagas what happens is that I like platform games... nothing more.

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#65 Posted by Z-GrimV (8 posts) -

Zelda for sure

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#66 Posted by Speeny (1641 posts) -

There's only a few select games I like from both parties. But I'd have to go with Mario. (Still need to play BOTW)

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#67 Posted by kevwen (1 posts) -

Mario, hands down

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#68 Posted by Johnny_Rock (40229 posts) -

Couldn't care less about Mario. Zelda is my thing.

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#69 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18876 posts) -

Probably Mario... but thinking of games like Wind Waker makes me very happy.

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#70 Posted by TonyT316 (13 posts) -

I like Mario the most of all video games and the most out of those two.

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#72 Posted by Jacknapes (38 posts) -

As a preference, i prefer Zelda over Mario. I can see why people prefer Mario, as a series it's more accessible for people of all ages. But there's something about Zelda that keeps bringing me back, and it's most likely the lore and the world as a whole.

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#73 Posted by Regularvideogamekid (7 posts) -

Zelda better

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#75 Posted by Megagalvatronus (3 posts) -

I prefer Zelda. It's more epic free roaming than Mario. (No offense Mario)

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#76 Posted by Vaidream45 (1904 posts) -

Hmmmm I prefer Mario when it comes to 2D games but Zelda when it comes to 3D games.

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#77 Posted by tangjun (26 posts) -

I prefer Mario.

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#78 Posted by Solaryellow (4842 posts) -

Zelda will always be special to me. 30+ years ago navigating the map and finding its secrets w/o the web was something to experience. Now with BOTW the franchise has elevated to such a high level. I just beat the third and final trial to power up the master sword and I still have more to go.

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#79 Posted by Doerevolt (41 posts) -

I favor Mario more because it was the first game I played and remember clearly.