Do you believe the "leaked" E3 Nintendo games list?

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I think it at least looks somewhat believable. I know these things are often faked, especially around E3, but even if fake this one seems at least somewhat legitimate. What do you think?

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I can make this in Microsoft Word without any effort. These things show up a lot around E3 time. That said, I have no reason to believe this one.

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Eh. Looks like a typical guess list.

@YearoftheSnake5 It would be even easier than photoshopping it, you can simply make it in Word and print it off.

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Not really. Actually, I really hope its not because I'm not impressed by that list at all.

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We get fake rumors every year before e3. This is no different

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How many times do we have to say it. FAKE. The original image shows a person's bed behind the paper. This was made by some chick in her room. NINTENDO DOESN'T HAVE LEAKS.

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Here's my brief mental checklist:

1. Subtitle evaluation: failure (Zelda: Unbound King?)

2. Predictability: very obvious and predictable list

3. Inaccuracies? YES: "Yarn Yoshi" isn't an official name. The game is commonly referred to as "Yarn Yoshi" or "Yoshi Wii U" but is actually untitled -- there is no known working title. "Yarn Yoshi" is a media-created placeholder. And considering the game was announced 1 1/2 years ago it is likely we'll see a more formal reveal of the now untitled Wii U Yoshi this E3

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Well if they do ever release an original Zelda game for the Wii-U and a Super Mario Sunshine remake I may just have to buy a Wii-U soon.

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It doesn't have Animal Crossing U...

that game is guaranteed for 2015

As Animal Crossing Plaza service ends at the end of 2014

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Why would you remake Super Mario Sunshine? It was shit and the GC wave Race was shit, remake the N64 version!

Only game that interests me there is Zelda.

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No, I do not. Seems like a crappy list anyway.

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I don't believe it's real. Although If this is true, I question how this was "leaked" exactly. It looks like some lady was holding the paper down and taking a picture of it...I can see those games being on Wii U...I can also see those games being annouced at E3. I HOPE they DON'T though.

One of the other "leaks" said that they'd announce a new Starfox and 2 new Metroids. (3DS and Wii U)

Starfox, Metroid, Fire EmblemXShin Megamei Tensei, Zelda U, Hyrule Warroirs, Bayonetta 2, X, Smash Bros, Mario Party 10 and the New IP is my wish list. I believe those games are what's best for the sake of sales. (And us ^_^)

I don't think that list is real and I hope it isn't. As others have said, if they do this every year, and a picture like that can be photoshopped, ETC, rather easily, It must be fake. I doubt Nintendo would let something like this happen...If it IS real, *Facepalm*

With exception of a few, that list sucks. Nothing surprising. Not much worth buying a system for.

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I have to say the list looks like something I was predicting, but I am gonna say its fake, because I dont think Nintendo would let this leak. just my opinion. I think the question is, would you be happy or dissapointed if this list was true? for me it would be the best E3 since 2010!

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No, XenoMech Saga?..really? I really hope that's not the sounds like a kid comes up with it..."oh its by people who made has mech in it, so lets call it XenoMech". :P

X sounds better at this point.

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Whah! Where's the MM remake? D;

I can't take another tease. :P