Do you actually use your Nintendo Mini consoles?

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Not bragging but thankfully, I managed to get both the NES & SNES. (Online at that.)

I haven't really used them all that much to be honest. For the most part I've kept them up on my shelf for display purposes. People walk in: "Ah yeah! You got em!"

I'll crack them out someday soon. They are nice to own and are a good little gimmick. Nothing beats the original hardware though but at least we know they're official emulators I guess. :P

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The NES Classic is still plentiful but on the other hand the SNES seems to be a memory.

These thing do make a nice display piece(s) which is what mine are doing. I would like to remove the poster from the inside though.

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Had an nes mini collecting dust sold it. It was a pointless novelty item to me.

Waiting on the Mega drive mini from retro bit.

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I don't use them much, but I was never planning to use them much when I bought them. I own the original hardware and nothing beats playing on original hardware.

I primarily bought the mini consoles as a cool collectible to display on my shelf. I also hacked them to include the console's full library of games, so when I do use them, it's for the purpose of trying out a game that I don't currently own to see if it's worth buying to play on my original hardware. I could also see myself using them when traveling sometimes since it's much easier to travel with these mini consoles than with my original hardware.

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I had the SNES classic for a little. It wasn't bad, but I wasn't really getting into it like I thought I would. I think if it were on the Switch Online service or virtual console I'd play some of those games more. Idk, maybe it was my mood at the time, too.

It's probably not too much of a surprise that I would be more excited to play a lot of handheld and Gamecube-era games.

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Yes I have both NES and SNES classics. I use them from time to time. I have the original versions as well. I mostly play the games I don't have for the regular consoles Earthbound and Star fox 2. Since these are Nintendo's official Re-releases of sorts. Nostalgia is meant to be played.

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Once in a while. Like, once every 2 weeks or so.

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I haven’t bought the Nintendo minis because I’ve either played the hell out of those games or anything I’d want to revisit i own. But I have bought a few Atari Flashbacks. I play them for about an hour and they get ignored until about a few years later when I remember I own them. Rinse and repeat.

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Was pretty tempted to pick them up a while back when they were on sale, but for some reason never got around to it. Pretty much just get my NES/SNES fix on 3DS now.

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Still using my modded Snes classic. I have a couple of 8bitdo wireless controllers for it so it’s still fun to play on the couch.

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I use my SNES classic.

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Only mini console I use is a mega drive knock off to play golden axe and sonic 2.

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It doesn't really matter if they get used much or not. It doesn't mean you don't like them. You obviously like them, or you wouldn't have bought them.

These days, there's so much entertainment around, that you neglect other great things. I have an NES Classic Edition. But than again, I have a 360, PC games, 3DS, etc. There's only so much time to play anything. It can be hard to pick and choose.

NES and SNES Classic are perfect retro nostalgia items. They are perfect to display forever on a shelf. You should keep them forever. You never know when you'll want to play the games again, too.

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@qx0d: Yeah good point. It's interesting because my gamer friends are always like: "Why don't you play them?" But, as you said. It's simply for nostalgia purposes and they look great on the shelf.

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Yes, I use them quite a bit. Often for 2 player games, glad the SNES had two controllers packed in.

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@Eikichi-Onizuka: Ikr. I've still been trying to hunt down a second NES controller. Lol

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I haven't touched either in months, although I did bring them in for a library program one time for Retro Gaming. It was fun seeing kids play these old games and not know what to think of them.

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Coolyfett plays Super Punch Out often trying to set new records.

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Since nintendo switch has been released, i don't quite offen to play my snes console, which is the retrogames, those games that i can find in