dark souls took alot of ideas from MH3U

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it is me or are those 2 games so similar. as a humongous fan of dark souls i never knew there was a game even similar to it.

the only main difference is monster hunter is mainly coop for the long run while dark souls is competitive player vs player for the long run.

dark souls took alot from monster hunter 3 ultimate.

im glad i never play monster hunter 3 on wii and now i get the full experience in hd plus lots of extras.

i recently got mh3u and a cople of games and everything is on hold. this game is taking alot of my gaming time. never a game did that to me before other than darksouls.

and finally i get to play an online wiiu game, i am so surprised that there is zero lag. iam playing to people from different parts of the world.

also the online community is amazing, unlike in what im used to in other systems. everyone is polite and friendly it feels weird. i used to people sending threat messages and cursing like on other consoles.

anyhow if ur a dark souls fan u should not miss this game, it is something else and u will be surprised at how deeper it is from dark souls.(and sooooooooooooo much harder)

This game is a system seller, nintendo should promoted more in the west. hardcore gaming does not get any better than this.

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@pc-ps360: best 3rd party game on wiiU so far imo...

its just that MH3 got released so many times....thats why it wasnt a big system seller....

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The combat design is somewhat similar, but I think the similarities end there. In both games, you need to be patient and observant, and the enemies are designed to allow for great risk/reward gameplay.

But Dark Souls is brilliant because of its overall design. Monster Hunter doesn't have the depth of exploration and territorial progression of Dark Souls. Monster Hunter doesn't sear the state of the world into your brain like Dark Souls does. Monster Hunter doesn't have brilliant pacing that injects new life into the game halfway through.

You know, now that I think about it, there are more similarities. Both have a player progression system based on rote repetition and survival. Both rely on their community to teach the game to each other. Both require trial and error for defeating bosses.

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purposefully clunky combat with emphasis on evasion, timing and health/stamina management, tough as nails. oh and one of my favorite games of the generation.

that's where the similarities end as far as i can see :P

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Both series are two of my favorites, but with the way MH sets up each section as an individual world map I'd say it has a bit more in common with Demon's Souls since that game didn't have an open world, but instead had a few smaller worlds, like MH does.

Both are really great series and should at least be tried by fans of difficult games or RPGs (though, the Souls games are a bit more traditional RPGs since MH doesn't rely much on stats like the Souls games do).

I too am hoping MH gets more recognition in the West, all the people I showed it to have really liked it, they just never heard of it before.

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Damn... That armor in the screenshots looks awesome. I really need to finish my copy of MH3 on the Wii...

Also, it'd be more appropriate to say that the Souls games borrowed the idea of combat from the MH series. Slow, deliberate, and basically clunky combat (that works in spite of its clunkiness, or perhaps because of it).