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The 3DS could get a version of Cult County, as stated by Jools Watsham, who is trying to get the Cult County game funded on kickstarter.

It was weird, first they announced it was exclusive for the 3DS, then they started the Kickstarter for Cult County and it announced it would be for practically everything else other than the 3DS(lmao), but now they list it with all the other platforms. So the development, if funded will be for PS Vita, PS4, PS3, XBONE, STEAM, WII U, 3DS.

I think this would be great, as there is an odd lack of first person games on the 3DS, despite the fact that the 3DS's glasses-free 3D depth would make a first person game EVEN MORE immersive. And that would be another game that would support CPP, since Renegade Kid is already supporting it with Moon Chronicles. And honestly no one has really yet experienced a true FPS game on the 3DS. And I really anticipate how the movement on an FPS will feel with circle pads rather than control sticks.

The Kickstarter for the First Person Survival-Horror game Cult County can be found here: Cult County


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Hurray! I read about it this mourning. Glad they reconsidered.

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I will probably go with ps4 version if it's a cross buy with vita. If the game is good I might rebut it to try it on 3ds. I already paid on kickstarter.