Could Third Party Abandonment Save Nintendo?

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The obvious answer to this question is no, no it won't -- there's no way it ever could, what could I be thinking?

But with Nintendo recently shedding light on their plans to combat the lack of interest in the Wii U, they're (still supposedly) going to be more open in sharing their IP with third party developers, which in theory, will bring more first party games than ever before.

While there's always been a lot of debate over Nintendo, one thing gamers seem to agree on is that everybody wants more of Nintendo's first party offerings, and it seems we might be getting that. So the question is -- Would you rather have Nintendo's normal delivery of first party content with an abundance of third party games that can't keep up with ps4 and Xbox One, or would you rather look back at the Wii U's library and see a shelf full of first party games, the likes of which we've never seen on Nintendo consoles?

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It's an interesting question. I mean after all, 90% of the games I buy for my Nintendo systems are first party games and exclusives. So if getting rid of third party games meant more great first party ones, then I personally would be okay with that. However, there are many people that are not like me and like having a lot of third party options as well. So in the end, I think third party games need to stick around because it will definitely please more people.

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It certainly could buff there lineup. Allow 3rd party devs to develop games in there key franchise, and then Nintendo could focus on making new IPs.

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@Superzone: And while I'm never one to take Nintendo's words to heart until they show me proof, they've opened up about sharing their first party IP with more studios as a result of the Wii U's lacking user base. Ideally, that means we'll be getting more first party games than ever before.

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I'd rather have a Nintendo console.

It's possible that the reason Nintendo's games are of such high quality is because they control the hardware. If they went 3rd party, their games may not be as good.

Also, the way things are at this point, its easy to get a Nintendo as a second console to not miss out on those games. However, in a perfect world, I'd wish for a Nintendo console like the S/NES that provided all of the gaming I needed.