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I'm semi-new to club nintendo and wanted to get some input... I have about 600-700 coins and was wondering on the types of games they normally release for this promotion? Looking to get Wii U games.

I've been watching a few months, seen Balloon Fight, F Zero, and now Punch Out/ Mario RPG. My question is, should i scoop these titles up, or wait for better titles? Is there anything special in July for being a platinum member? Games like Punch Out and Mario RPG i already have on the Wii VC, so it's like 1$ or 1.50 to convert. Thus, there's a select few VC games i don't already have: (Metroid, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong)

So basically should i save up the coins, and maybe get games like F-zero (i dont really like racing games) but don't own... and i'll eventually re-coup the coins by the time something else good comes along.



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Platinum and Gold rewards do not consume coins. If you reach Gold or Platinum status and spend those coins on games or posters, you'll still have Gold or Platinum status and can still receive your reward in July.

I usually spent my coins on games I'm sort of interested in, but I don't want to spend money on them. The selection is random and there's no way of knowing if next month's selection will be better. I'm currently saving up my coins in case the 3DS XL Charging cradle goes back on stock, which is worth more than games because those special limited supply offers can't be bought with money and can be sold out incredibly fast.

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Oh Ok, Thanks... So like in July their won't be like extra games / specials... i just get a platinum reward?

So no sense saving up 1,000's of coins for a big rush of games, right?


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Every month has its selection of games. July is that special month when those with Elite status also get free stuff and is the start of a new Club Nintendo year. Last July had games like Super Punch Out, Star Fox 64, Donkey Kong (Gameboy), and Aura Aura Climber available to be purchased with coins along with whatever free stuff they had to offer for those with Gold or Platinum status.

Well, you could use the coins for the monthly games if you want, but many people just save them for those random limited offers, like the Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon figurine that costed 1500 coins. If there's a game you really want to try out but haven't bought yet and it's available for coins, go for it.

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If VC games are what you want then go for it but personally I like to save my coins for cool physical items. Ive gotten both of the DS Game&Watch Collections, the real Game&Watch, the Star Messenger Bag, the 3DS 18 cartridge case, ....and probably something else. I just dont see any value in VC games when Ive either owned or do own the old school cartridges............or the fact you can get any game you want with a quick Google search and play that on just about any device these days.