Cheap eshop games?

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I am looking for some good cheap eshop games. I like just about any kind of games besides sports. would like a good rpg. thanks

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#2 Posted by Cloud_765 (111394 posts) -
Depends on what you define as "cheap". The Denpa Men's a great RPG for only 10 bucks.
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The best cheap game is probably gunman clive (about $2 I believe) which is a megaman (amongst other things) inspired platformer.

Asides from Denpa men there is also crimson shroud, a pretty much literal table top RPG that goes for $8.

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Mighty Switch Force is worth looking into if you enjoy platformers as are Pushmo and Crashmo.

Most eShop games run around the $5-$10 which isn't bad when compared to some $40 retail games, but I would check youtube videos first before buying. 

Crimson Shroud is a great RPG, but certainly not for everyone. 

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"The Denpa Men: TCBW" is great. Well worth 10 bucks...and even more. I would have paid 30 bucks for the game.
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Pop Island: Paperfield is one of my favorites for very cheap. Imagine Mario Kart battle mode as a team capture the flag game and your somewhat close. It is pretty much a standalone expansion pack for Pop Island and is more or less the same game for two bucks instead of five.

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Kirby's block ball is surprisingly addictive. Pushmo is too