can't copy Mario Kart save data

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I posted this on the Mario Kart Wii forum, but I thought I would ask here as well.

Hi everybody.

I've tried copying my save file for Mario Kart to an SD card in the Wii and it says that the file cannot be copied.

Is there a way to transfer your license to another Wii?

if I copy the Mii I used for that license to another Wii, would that do the trick?

I have almost everything ulocked and I want to use those characters/vehicles on another Wii tomorrow night.

thanks for the help.

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some games with online data such as mario kart or mario strikers can be copied but not completely(online stats and such cant be copied)
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It's not you, it's the game


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Yea, it stinks. I can't do it either.
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can you do it with guitar hero 3?
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thanks, J

that was a good thread you made.

LAME that you can't copy the data, not even via your Mii onto a Wii remote.

seems like that would be easy enough to do, but obviously there are some protection issues I'm not concidering. Like with all the unlockable content with Smash Bros.

But that's the whole thing! I have all this stuff unlocked and I can't share it.

wait, this is the whole reason why the Wii is so damn small. You have to take the whole thing with you. :P

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Exactly; just grab the Wii and take it with you.

I actually have speculated in the past that the reason things like SSBB or Mario Kart are locked from having their data copied is the presence of friend codes. I mean, what happens if someone unlocks everything on SSBB, puts the file up for download on a major site, and thousands and thousands download it to use? Suddenly Ninty has to deal with like 1000000 odd people trying to log in on the same friend code. Not good.

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mario strikers you can copy your progress in single player mode, but your online record and friend code are stripped away.