Can't access virtual console save files!!!!!!

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Hey, I'm hoping some of you guys no what to do because I've searched endlessly with no results. So here's the deal. Today I went to play Ocarina of Time for the first time in a while. When I started it up my file was gone! Bad news. I went to my system memory and saw that the save file was on the SD card as well as the wii system memory. I moved it to the SD card and though mabey that would help, but, suprise! No. I tested some other games. Turned out every game that I had copied the memory file to the SD card for wouldn't work. Is it possible to play these save files? I am clueless so anything would be helpful. Thanks you
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You're save files should be on the system memory. The Wii will read games from the SD card, but save files have to be on the system memory or the game won't know it's there.

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^yes, all the save data must be on the wii's internal memory
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so I tried moving the file from the SD card to the memory but it said it was already there. I checked and it was, but I couldn't use it. Then I deleted the memory from the SD card, so it was just on the memory. Still didn't work. What am I doing wrong? Does it need to be on both? Just one? Ahhh! Sorry for the inconvenience