Can the DS play GBC games?

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P.S. sorry if i made a topic like this. I want to play LoZ;DX and pokemon yellow and crystal.
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I haven't tried it myself, but a friend of mine said they don't.
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The Nintendo DS will only play Nintendo DS games and Gameboy Advance games. It WILL NOT play Gameboy games or Gameboy Color games.
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i wish
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That's why I kept my old GBA, so I can play Gameboy and Gameboy Color games still
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sadly, no it will not


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Nooo Sadly.
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And you can only play your GBA games in singleplayer, and you can't link GBA games with the DS.
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Unfortunately no
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Sorry... answer is no.
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The reasons as to why the DS cant play orgianl GB and GBC games are varied and many.  Some of the big ones are the fact that since Nintendo didnt expect the DS to replace the Gameboy line it cut costs and time in a "rush to devlop stage" in order to beat the PSP to market.  The orginal GameBoy and GBC both used the same CPU.  The GBA used a different CPU so they stuck the orginal GB/GBC cpu in with it as a second CPU and it auto switched based on the game pak insterted.  The DS also uses it's own CPU and to have it play orginal GB/GBC games would require it to have three CPU's.  That coupled with the time to devlop, write code and deal with power issues made it a no brainer for them.  GameBoy 3 was still in the works and there is no reason to suspect that they would have dropped support of the older games.  The DS just turned out to be a run away sucess and at the final E3 last year, Nintendo pretty much made it clear that the GameBoy line will be no longer.  Thats fine, as it had a great run for almost two decades.  The reason you can play "head to head" on the DS with GBA games is pretty much part of the same reasons listed above.  Yes, the hardware should be able to support it, but they didnt have time to write the needed code, and there is a marketing concern.  Since those games didnt take advantage of wireless to begin with they would have to either use a wired link and increase the DS ROM size to handle the code needed to emulate a wired connector.  That would have driven the cost of the DS up by quite a penny.  Nintend has never sold hardware at or below cost so this was also tossed out to make sure the system could have a cheaper price tag.  I really cant complain about the loss of older system support in the face of what was needed for them to insure their lead in the hand held market.  I'm sure that at this point they see that the rush wasnt needed as the PSP is only now getting a good libary of decent games and thats mainly from PS1 ports.  Besides, there are still millions of older models of GameBoy's out on the market that can play the older games and then there are a number of great emulators on the PC and Mac that do a fine job of it as well.  Plus the Wii may very well start carrying older GB/GBC titles in mass.  Sorry about the long winded post, I couldnt get to sleep and just felt like praddling on a bit.