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Hey everybody. I was on one of the Nintendo news websites, and I saw an article about Camp Miiverse.

Camp Miiverse is a miiverse community that will be run for the next few weeks, and is competitive in nature. Nintendo posts challenges for players to achieve in various games, and players then post a screenshot of them achieving that goal in each game's respective miiverse community. Here's a link to the miiverse community: Camp Miiverse

Currently, the goal is to hit a home run in Wii Sports Club baseball. When you do, catch a screen shot while "HOME RUN!" is displayed on the screen, and post it to the Wii Sports Club miiverse. Don't forgot to pick a team, and tag your post as either Team Mario or Team Zelda. Presumably there will be prizes or rewards of some sort, since we've been divided into teams, and they'll tally the totals at the end of each event.


C'mon fellow Gamespot members. Let's all tag our posts as Team Zelda. If we get the entire Gamespot community behind us, and stick to one team, we'll be more likely to win, if there are indeed prizes.

P.S. Feel free to add me on the miiverse. My NNID is starcrafthenry. Just be sure to mention you're from Gamespot in your friend request.

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I'd be on Team Metroid but since thats not an option, I'm going for Team Mario.

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Seems inspired by Smash Camp :P

I've spent a total time of three minutes on Miiverse. I didn't like it. I won't be participating.

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@Spinnerweb: @nini200:

Lol. I get two responses. One is from a guy telling me he's choosing the other team, and the other is from a guy that isn't gonna participate.

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Quite a disappointing haul, I agree.