Bravely Default eShop v. (Canada) & Japanese language ?

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I noticed that on the Canadian eShop it states that the game languages are :

-English, French, Spanish

Could anyone confirm if this is only an omission, or if indeed the Japanese text & voice options have been removed for the Canadian eShop version of the game ?

Thank you!

ps: currently in Japan and have to use the eShop due to Nintendo's ridiculous region-locking on a portable device.

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Very likely there. The US demo once started says "The content of this demo is in English only. The full game will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese."

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Yes, that's why I jumped when I read that the stated languages in the game description didn't include all of them. But I suppose since nobody seems to be complaining about it anywhere, then you must be right, and they haven't cut them out. They just decided not to write all of them in the game description, for some obscure reason.